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Epic Pharah cosplay looks so good it could be an Overwatch screenshot

Published: 12/Mar/2021 13:40

by James Busby


A talented Overwatch cosplayer has taken to the skies as Lunar New Year Pharah, showing off a detailed look worthy of the hero herself. 

The Qinglong Pharah skin is one of the best-looking Lunar New Year cosmetics in Overwatch. Not only does this Legendary skin look incredibly cool, but it enables Pharah to unleash her hidden dragon. The aerial damage dealer is known to soar through the skies, barraging her foes with devastating explosives, and reigning down terror from above. 

While Pharah has a number of good skins to choose from, her Qinglong outfit is arguably her most iconic. After all, donning combat armor that resembles that of a dragon is always going to prove popular. As a result, many cosplayers are often drawn towards capturing this powerful look.


Insane Lunar New Year Pharah Cosplay from Overwatch

Medha Srivastava, known as Medhavi321 is one of the latest cosplayers to take to the skies as Pharah. This talented Pharah fan has perfectly captured everything from her twin mecha-like wings, intricate chest armor, deadly rocket launcher, and fearsome dragon helm.

The helm is incredibly intricate and features the dragon’s glowing green eyes, golden horns, and rugged white mane. Medha has even used contacts to emulate Phara’s piercing green eyes. 

Pharah’s Qinglong skins is a popular pick among Overwatch fans.

Even the skin’s iconic dragon emblem has been emblazoned onto the breastplate, giving off an authentic look that oozes cool. Pharah’s Rocket Launcher also has a painstaking amount of detail. The dragon’s head has also been affixed to the weapon’s muzzle, which has been further illuminated with more green lights. 


Rounding off the cosplay is Pharah’s wings and armored gauntlets. Both the wings and gauntlets mimic the scales of a dragon, while the shoulder pad claws help to define the whole look. 

Medha finishes off the look by striking Pharah’s militant pose. There’s certainly no denying that this cosplayer has captured the DPS hero’s Lunar New Year outfit perfectly.