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Epic Overwatch skin concept turns Genji into a killer shark

Published: 18/Jun/2021 23:32

by Bill Cooney


One Chinese Overwatch fan has come up with a stunning new skin concept for Genji that would fit perfectly into the upcoming Summer Games event.

Overwatch has just wrapped up the Anniversary event, and next up on the calendar is Summer Games. While we don’t know exactly which heroes will be getting skins, as always, we can find great potential from some skins made by creative fans.

One of the best skin designs we’ve seen recently comes from Chinese Overwatch fan Ashen Wu, that reimagines Genji with an awesome new set of armor made to look like a sleek, deadly shark.


Blizzard Entertainment
The Blizzard World prop above and Roadhog are the only shark representation we have in Overwatch — for now.

Wu, AKA @Dr_Ashen,originally posted the Genji artwork on Chinese social media site Weibo, so a lot of western fans didn’t know it even existed until Overwatch insider Naeri posted the concept to her Twitter on June 18.

Even though it might not be brand new, that doesn’t take away from the fact the skin looks incredibly badass. First off, Genji’s helmet now resembles a shark head, complete with razor-sharp teeth.

The rest of his armor is dark blue, white, and pink, definitely all colors that go into the JAWS palette and really makes the cyber ninja look like an apex underwater predator.


Finally, one of the best parts of this skin is his sword and the shuriken. The Dragonblade now has a nasty looking barb at the tip that reminds us of a giant fish hook, and the shuriken are shaped like little shark dorsal fins.

This skin would definitely be a hit, if Blizzard ever put something similar to it in the actual game. Whether they call it “Great White” Genji or something else, we would have a great time tearing up the enemy team with this one.

Genji isn’t the first shark concept we’ve seen, either. Back in 2019 we got a look at an awesome D.Va idea that turns her MEKA into a great white. Community artists have obviously found Overwatch fans love shark skins like blood in the water, so hopefully Blizzard will catch on as well.