Early Overwatch footage shows how hilariously ridiculous Bastion used to look - Dexerto

Early Overwatch footage shows how hilariously ridiculous Bastion used to look

Published: 26/Mar/2019 18:48 Updated: 26/Mar/2019 21:38

by Bill Cooney


Footage from when Overwatch was in early development shows just how funny Bastion looked when he was first added to the game.

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Overwatch was released all the way back in 2016, and will celebrate its third anniversary later this year in the aptly named Anniversary Event.

Now, players have dug up old footage of what Bastion looked like when he was first added to Overwatch, and it’s a hilarious mess.

Blizzard EntertainmentBastion, with his shield before it was removed.
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Bastion has gone through several iterations in Overwatch, he even used to have his own mini Reinhardt shield when he went into turret mode.

Recently, some gameplay video of Overwatch’s early development resurfaced, and now, Reddit user BlizzconX has shared an interesting gif of Bastion’s very early development.


It’s easy to tell that the clip takes place on an early version of King’s Row, but that’s where the similarities to Overwatch as we know it today end.

Bastion, instead of being the loveable Omnic death machine we know today, is just a jumble of unassembled parts, floating and bouncing through the air.

via Gfycat

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Also, the character being played seems to be an early version of Zenyatta, based on the hero icon, with Reaper’s arms and a single Tracer pistol.

Obviously, the Bastion cloud and Zenyatta were being represented by placeholders during development and got cleaned up for the beta.


Before the Anniversary event this summer, the next Overwatch event is Archives, which according to leaks from the game’s official Blizzard site, should get going on April 16.