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D.Va’s Defense Matrix change on Overwatch PTR is a HUGE buff

Published: 25/Sep/2019 21:14 Updated: 25/Sep/2019 21:31

by Bill Cooney


The September 23 Overwatch PTR patch introduces a ton of hero changes, but the updates to D.Va could be some of the most impactful.

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Overwatch rolled out two patches on September 24, one for the main game to fix Reaper and Symmetra’s teleport issues, and another larger one for the PTR.

The PTR patch contains updates to multiple heroes and so far the changes have been tentatively well-received by the Overwatch community.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe changes finally give D.Va players something to smile about.
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Big changes for D.Va players

D.Va’s Defense Matrix was widely considered one of the most powerful abilities in the game and it’s still a valuable tool, but several nerfs have reduced it’s range and the time it can be active for.


The PTR changes increase Matrix’s recharge rate (from 12.5% to 16% per second) and decreases the time it takes for the ability to start recharging after it’s used (from 1 second to 0.75 seconds).

Reddit user THE-WALRUS-KING decided to compare the current Defense Matrix to the changes on the PTR, and the results should have D.Va players excited.

Dva matrix buff comparison 😀 from r/Overwatch

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The working uptime of the ability hasn’t changed, but the PTR recharge rate is now lightning fast compared to what is is currently in live.

This should let D.Va absorb more damage and give players more flexibility in using the ability. They’ll still have to carefully decide when they use it, but the changes leave a little more room for error.


Blizzard EntertainmentDefense Matrix should be little more flexible after the PTR changes.
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Could D.Va be headed back to the meta?

The PTR changes have a lot of Overwatch people talking, but the consensus right now seems to be that it’s too early to tell how they’ll affect the meta.

Former Overwatch pro Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson said the patch looks amazing, but advised everyone to give it some time before a meta shift develops after the patch notes were released.

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It may take a few weeks before any meta changes happen, if they do at all, but it would be nice to see more D.Va play in Overwatch again.

As for the Overwatch League Grand Finals on September 29: D.Va will probably make some appearances, but based on how OWL teams have played headed into the Finals, she probably won’t be the star of the show.