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Dallas Fuel’s Seagull Comments on the Problem with the New Hanzo

Published: 25/Jun/2018 15:45 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:05

by Joe O'Brien


Dallas Fuel player Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned has commented on the difference between the new and the old Hanzo.

Hanzo recently received a significant overhaul, tweaking almost every aspect of his kit and replacing the troublesome Scatter Arrow ability with a new skill, Storm Arrow, which allows Hanzo to rapid-fire up to six arrows at reduced damage.

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The rework was designed to remove some of the more frustrating aspects of Hanzo, for both those playing him and his opponents, and increase his reliability in order to make him a more viable hero choice.

The rework has certainly made Hanzo more popular, although many initially claimed that the changes made him too strong. Blizzard has since adjusted some of his stats slightly to limit his more excessive capacities, but now seem content to leave him as he is while they focus more on other hero overhauls.

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For many, however, Hanzo still isn’t in quite the perfect spot, and for Dallas Fuel’s Seagull it comes down to how forgiving the new version is.

Long known for his Hanzo play, Seagull is certainly an authority on the hero. As he stated during a recent stream, he feels the new Storm Arrow ability makes it too easy for players to get by, whereas the previous version – which also had a slower projectile speed for arrows – was much more punishing for the less proficient.

The new version of Hanzo hasn’t yet been seen in the Overwatch League, with Stage 4 of the regular season having been played on the patch before its release. The new Hanzo will be seen for the first time in the playoffs, which begin on July 11th.