Dallas Fuel's Effect carries team with Widowmaker during Overwatch match - Dexerto

Dallas Fuel’s Effect carries team with Widowmaker during Overwatch match

Published: 1/Nov/2018 17:13 Updated: 1/Nov/2018 19:06

by Bill Cooney


During a recent Overwatch match The Dallas Fuel’s Effect showed off his Overwatch League-worthy Widowmaker skills.

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Effects’ team is defending point A on King’s Row, attempting to hold off the enemy team’s advance when the Overwatch pro scopes up and goes to work.

The enemy Zenyatta probably had no idea what happened, one second he’s healing his team, then Effect turns him into a pile of scrap, just like Mondatta

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Next, the enemy Widow loses a quick 1v1 after Effect grapples to get a vantage point above the chaos.

After the enemy Mei decides to take the last nap she’ll ever have, Effect grapples again and annihilates the enemy Ana from the air.


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The kill streak ends just as it began, with Effect putting a shot right between the optical sensors of the enemy Zenyatta.

Effect won’t be in the Overwatch World Cup this weekend at BlizzCon, which can be streamed on Twitch and Youtube, but there’s sure to be plenty of great Widowmaker plays when the matches get started at 12:15 pm PT on Friday.