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Dafran reveals crazy Overwatch Wrecking Ball trick to boop enemies away

Published: 26/Jan/2020 23:16

by Brad Norton


One of the most popular Twitch streamers and Overwatch veteran, Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca, was left in awe after breaking down this extremely impressive Wrecking Ball trick.

Wrecking Ball is a unique Tank hero that can get in and out of a fight with ease thanks to his lightning-quick set of movement-based mechanics. While he can shoot and stun, one of the most powerful aspects of the hero is his ability to ‘boop’.

Uncovering a unique trick that allows Hammond to essentially double-up on one of his functions, Dafran was in shock as a masterful player swung a team fight on Oasis with a cheeky bit of tech.


Overwatch Wrecking Ball posing
Wrecking Ball was introduced to the world of Overwatch in July, 2018.

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Lately, Overwatch players have been figuring out surprising new mechanics and ways to manipulate Wrecking Ball’s movement. From an obscenely fast rollout to a seemingly endless means of stalling an objective, there always appears to be new discoveries on the horizon.

Adding to the mix, Dafran recently played a game with a Top 500 Wrecking Ball player that exposed some new tricks. Slowing things down while combing through the replay, the streamer uncovered a double booping tactic that all but won the very first team fight on Oasis.

When rolling at a high-enough speed, Hammond gains a yellow-ish aura around his ball. It takes a few moments of momentum before the effect kicks in, but once it does, players are then able to boop any opponents they come into contact with.


Surprisingly, this mechanic can be doubled with expert timing. “The double boop,” as Dafran called it, reacting in shock as he witnessed the Wrecking Ball boop both opposing tanks to their demise on Oasis.

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Explaining just how the play might have been possible, the streamer outlined how it can be replicated. 

“You have to go fast. When you see the yellow, you boop. So you go just fast enough you can boop, then you stop yourself.” Immediately after the first point of contact, a quick stop of your momentum allows you to charge back up and boop your opponents once again if timed just right. 


“He’s pressing ‘S’ and stopping himself,” Dafran added. “Then he goes again, gets the yellow again.” 

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Despite taking shots at the recent transition of the Overwatch League from Twitch to YouTube, claiming that the move could lead its death, Dafran was still excited by the idea of seeing such a play in the League.

“Imagine if you see this in Overwatch League,” he said while grinning. Perhaps Dafran will be trying to use this trick every time he rolls out on the Wrecking Ball from now on.