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Curious new Tracer exploit has Overwatch players scratching their heads

Published: 22/Mar/2019 0:21 Updated: 22/Mar/2019 0:41

by Bill Cooney


One curious Overwatch player seems to have discovered a unique exploit that Tracer can pull off out of spawn.

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Overwatch got a massive update on March 19, but whether or not that caused this exploit is unknown – however, clips of the possible bug have only been posted recently.

Tracer is one of Overwatch’s original heroes and definitely a fan favorite, but now, a new exploit seems to let other heroes take advantage of her time-bending abilities.

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In a clip posted to Reddit, user ScorelessPine demonstrates the exploit, which involves Recalling from spawn, then quickly changing heroes.


If it’s done exactly right, the new hero will appear outside of spawn, where Tracer’s recall countdown began.

Obviously there’s almost no time to make a hero selection, since you would be furiously clicking just to switch in the first place, so even picking the hero you want would take a bit of practice.

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One clever user pointed out in the comments that a Symmetra could achieve the same thing with her teleporter, but that would take two people, while the Tracer exploit only takes one.

Most users in the comments seemed to agree that the “exploit” wasn’t particularly game-breaking, and could really only be used in very specific situations (like attacking on King’s Row, for example).


Regardless, it’s something that Blizzard will probably take care of soon, so players might want to think twice before practicing to become a world record hero picker.