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Cucumber Bastion is the Overwatch skin players didn’t know they needed

Published: 21/Dec/2019 21:26

by Bill Cooney


A creative Overwatch fan has blessed us with what could be the best idea for a new Bastion skin we’ve seen in quite some time.

We know Overwatch fans are some of the most creative out there with all kinds of art, including original hero skin ideas, popping up all the time.

There have already been a few new fan-made skin concepts shared as we head into 2020, but a new idea from YouTuber 헤이올리 hey olly might be one of the best we’ve seen all year.

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Hey olly didn’t go the traditional route of drawing their custom Bastion skin, instead, they created the entire thing out of cucumbers. Yes, the fruit.


All it took were a few cucumbers, some toothpicks, and some masterfully-applied Bastion sound effects to make one of the most hilarious and far-out Overwatch videos we’ve seen in a while.

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All it took was some knife skills and creativity for olly to turn a few regular cucumbers into everyone’s favorite adorable Omnic killing machine.

They even included a tiny little Ganymede on his shoulder, using nothing more than a scrap piece of cucumber, and a seed for his eye.

A few special effects give “Cucumberstion” life of his own when he starts blasting away wildly as cucumber scraps fall from the sky. Apparently, Bastions are just born that way.


This is just the latest of olly’s food-inspired Overwatch creations though, and their channel is definitely worth checking out because they’ve made a ton of food masterpieces based on heroes and random items from the game.

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We’ve never seen a fruit or food-themed skin for Bastion before (and why would be? Omnic’s don’t need to eat as far as we know) but olly’s cucumber creation gives us hope for future cosmetics.

The first Overwatch event of 2020 will be the Lunar New Year celebration, but whether Bastion will get a food skin (or any skin at all) remains completely unknown.