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Creepy Disney style Zenyatta skin would be perfect for Overwatch

Published: 19/Feb/2021 12:41

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch has a vast array of amazing skins, but the artistic community among the game’s fandom love to create their own unique concepts. This amazing Zenyatta fan art would make the perfect in-game cosmetic.

Zenyatta has become one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes to create skins for. The Omnic Monk’s chill-looking seated position coupled with the orbs that float around him make him a unique shape to design for.

Previously we’ve seen how current restrictions would affect the Buddhist style healer with this fun Lockdown Zenyatta skin concept, but a new concept has emerged that is a totally new take on the Omnic.


Designed originally as fan art, Overwatch players are so obsessed with this concept that they want it transferred into the game itself.

Zenyatta's Overwatch fastball skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Zenyatta’s unique design offers creative fans a lot to play with!

Creepy Zenyatta fan art

A post from gothic cartoonist Jamallkins has taken the Overwatch Reddit by storm. Writing that he “drew Zenyatta in [his] style,” there’s no denying both his artistic talent and imagination.

Almost reminiscent of the Disney cartoons of the 1920s (a style dubbed ‘rubberhose’), Zenyatta is drawn entirely in black and white and features a long, Pinocchio style nose with overly plump caricature cheeks. Featuring fearsome horns and an inverted crucifix decal on his forehead, this iteration of Zenyatta is a gothic dream.


Holding his spooky looking orbs are two huge gloved hands, again harkening back to the ones you see in Mickey Mouse cartoons. The little ‘XXX’ label on the bottle hanging from his belt helps continue the childish theme.

There’s nothing kiddy about this Zenyatta though, especially considering his shirt simply says ‘Help’ and he emanates an aura of all things dark and menacing.

I drew Zenyatta in my style, thought you might like it from r/Overwatch

Fans want this art to become a skin

Considering that the post, as of the time of writing, has accrued 6.1k upvotes, it’s safe to say that Overwatch fans are obsessed with the artist’s very unique style.

One respondent writes “bro that’s so dope! It reminds me of old Disney cartoons. That should be an actual skin!” Another fan commented that there was a likeness to Cuphead, the 2017 video game drawn largely in this style.


So would you like to see this iteration of Zenyatta in your games? Spooky as he is we can’t help but commend how much imagination has gone into creating this art. We’d love to see more heroes drawn in Jamallkins unique style. Sombra, maybe?