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Controversial Overwatch Player xQc Could Return to the Overwatch League

Published: 22/May/2018 21:08 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 14:40

by Joe O'Brien


It seems controversial Overwatch player and streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel could return to the Overwatch League.

According to xQc during a recent stream, he has already had interest from teams regarding Season Two of the league.

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xQc joined the Overwatch League as a main tank for Dallas Fuel, but got caught up in several controversies during his time with the team. On two occasions, xQc was suspended from competing by the Overwatch League itself, while the Fuel themselves also extended one of those suspensions.

Following xQc’s suspension during Stage 2 of the league, he and the Dallas Fuel ultimately parted ways. Though he technically could have pursued a place on another team during the signing window, xQc did not return to the Overwatch League, instead moving to streaming full-time to his sizeable audience.


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Now, however, xQc has revealed that he has already spoken to teams about potentially returning to the league for Season Two. xQc doesn’t go into detail about the teams, or whether he would even want to return, but implies that the opportunity is there for him should he wish to take it.

xQc also notes that Blizzard could have a say in whether or not he could return to the league. While he was not removed directly by the league itself, rather by mutual termination of his contract with the Dallas Fuel, Blizzard clearly did not approve of much of his conduct while competing in the league.


All roster moves have to be approved by Blizzard in order to be completed, so Blizzard could theoretically prevent xQc from returning to the league. That being said, xQc’s punishments never resulted in more than a four-match ban, with the monetary fine scaling instead over multiple offences, so it seems unlikely that Blizzard’s intention was to prevent xQc from appearing in the league altogether.