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Cheeky Overwatch trick lets Lucio stop the payload on Havana

Published: 15/Mar/2021 17:08

by Lauren Bergin


Havana has become one of Overwatch’s most notorious maps, but one player has managed to best the difficulties of the Cuban capital with this insane Lucio play.

While Havana may have been one of the catchiest tunes of 2017, the Overwatch version of the island capital is a map that players either love or hate. With winding alleyways and high buildings that offer the perfect sniper spots, the map can be pretty difficult to manoeuvre around.

One DPS player took matters into their own hands by using Junkrat’s lounging emote to sneakily prevent the payload from reaching Point A.


There’s a Support player hot on their heels, though, and they’re using fan favorite DJ Lucio to keep the payload from going anywhere.

Lucio Havana trick

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Havana’s central street is perfect for snipers and stealthy heroes.

As seen in a clip on the Overwatch subreddit, one cheeky Lucio player has discovered a trick that makes it impossible for unobservant attackers to move the payload out of the Attacker Side spawn.

Having bounced himself up onto the roof of the iconic gas station that greets attacking players, the Brazilian menace proceeds to drop into his ‘Chilling’ emote, which sees him drop into seated position and, well, just vibe there.

Chaos continues to ensue around him and the Attacking side seem to have a relatively strong push, yet the payload goes absolutely nowhere due to his close proximity.


While in this instance he’s finally caught and put down for his mischief (cue the sad music), this little trick is easy to execute but has huge payoff.

Does this trick work?

The key to success here is patience. As is often the case, Overwatch players will focus on a full frontal assault and not pay attention to the payload as they assume that it’s moving. Either they won’t realise until it’s too late or, in this case, there’s even worse consequences.

Since the payload is trapped right at the start of the map, this play helps Lucio run down the clock. With Attackers having to guide the vehicle all the way up the narrow main street, this gives the Defensive side plenty of time to retaliate.


So the next time there’s an ominous lack of movement on Havana, make sure to check out the gas station. You never know, there may be a Brazilian bombshell sitting up there.