B.O.B runs directly into a Pub in this hilarious Overwatch blooper - Dexerto

B.O.B runs directly into a Pub in this hilarious Overwatch blooper

Published: 25/Nov/2018 20:23 Updated: 26/Nov/2018 3:44

by Vincent Genova


New Overwatch hero Ashe has become an immediate fan-favorite, thanks to her snappy gun, attitude and most importantly, her sidekick B.O.B.

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Ashe’s Ultimate Ability is B.O.B, a giant, A.I controlled robot that wreaks havoc on the enemy team and acts as a seventh teammate.

However, as this clip shows, sometimes he gets thirsty and doesn’t feel like fighting.

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Ashe’s trademark yell alerted the enemy that he was about to unleash her Ult, saying “B.O.B, do something!”

She should have been more specific as B.O.B did “something,” running past all the action and directly into the Wolf Wood’s Pub, where he had very little impact on the Payload objective.


BOB goes for a drink. from r/Overwatch

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Wolf Wood’s is a pub located on the Junkertown Escort map, where we imagine Junkrat, Roadhog and Hammond spent many nights avoiding responsibilities. B.O.B only wanted to join them, he’s under a lot of stress lately, being a new character and all. 

The clip was recorded by the appropriately named Reddit user Drunken_Queen, who surprisingly turned down the opportunity to join B.O.B and stayed near the Payload instead. 

Ashe users may not always have their sidekick sober and ready to help, but they can be sure their hip fire shots are always accurate with this Overwatch tip.


B.O.B and Ashe may also get some new skins soon, the Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is happening in December.