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Blizzard announces Overwatch crossplay: release date, platforms, how it works

Published: 9/Jun/2021 18:31

by Isaac McIntyre


Crossplay is finally coming to Overwatch ⁠— Blizzard has confirmed the popular connectivity feature will be added to PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch through a global update “in the near future.”

Overwatch is set to follow in the footsteps of rivals like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Destiny 2, and plenty more later this year with the arrival of crossplay.

The feature will be added via a global update.

“Crossplay beta is coming to Overwatch, allowing players to play together,” Blizzard confirmed on June 9. “Powered by this new update, players from around the world can team up, regardless of their preferred platforms.”


The long-awaited Overwatch crossplay beta will launch on all console versions of Blizzard’s competitive title, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch.

Tracer looks on very concerned
Blizzard Entertainment
Overwatch fans have been asking for crossplay since early 2016.

To join up for the early Overwatch crossplay beta, players will simply have to make a account, and link it to their console accounts of choice.

Blizzard will also sweeten the crossplay pot too ⁠— not that it really needed sweetening — once the connectivity feature eventually releases; any Overwatch player who logs into Overwatch before the end of the year (Dec 31, 2021) will receive a free Golden Loot Box to celebrate the launch.

The update will also merge friends lists. This means players will “no longer need to switch regions to play with buddies on the other side of the planet.”


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The Overwatch ranked queues are expected to get a bump once crossplay goes live.

Blizzard has not pinpointed when Overwatch crossplay will officially launch in their flagship series, though Dexerto expects it to come soon after the beta ends.

Overwatch 2 has also not been mentioned in crossplay conversations, but it would be very surprising for the sequel to be excluded from the console-connecting feature when it finally arrives.

China plans to remain separate from Overwatch’s crossplay games.