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Blizzard Announces Details of New Overwatch Hero “Wrecking Ball”

Published: 28/Jun/2018 19:58 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:06

by Joe O'Brien


Blizzard has revealed details of the next Overwatch hero, Wrecking Ball.

Wrecking Ball is a spherical battle mech piloted by Hammond, a genetically modified Hamster.

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Hammond’s name was first mentioned over a year prior to his release when Horizon Lunar Colony was added to the game. Until now, fans had assumed that Hammond was another primate, like Winston.

As it turns out, Hammond was in fact a Hamster. After the gorilla uprising at Horizon, Hammond managed to escape by attaching an escape pod to the rocket of an unaware Winston. The two ultimately landed separately, with Hammond finding himself in the Australian outback, at Junkertown.

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Hammond built his mech to take part in the battle arena of the Scrapyard. Keeping his identity hidden and fighting as “Wrecking Ball”, Hammond battled his way to becoming champion.

In the most recent Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan explained Hammond’s backstory, and the capabilities of Wrecking Ball as a hero.

Wrecking Ball is classed as a tank, and his abilities have also been revealed:

  • Quad Cannons – Automatic assault weapons.
  • Roll – Transform into a ball and increase maximum movement speed.
  • Grappling Claw – Launch a grappling claw to rapidly swing around the area. Enables high-speed collisions to damage and knock back enemies.
  • Minefield (ultimate) – Deploy a massive field of proximity mines.
  • Adaptive Shield – Create temporary personal shields. Amount increases with more enemies nearby.
  • Piledrive – Slam into the ground below to damage and launch enemies upward.