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Blazing Kitsune Overwatch skin would be perfect for Hanzo

Published: 19/Jun/2021 23:53

by Bill Cooney


There’s nothing Overwatch fans love more than some brand-new skins, and one artist has come up with a new look for Hanzo that turns him into a fearsome, fiery Kitsune from Japanese folklore.

At the time of writing this article we find ourselves in a lull of new Overwatch content. Anniversary has just wrapped up, and the Summer Games event probably won’t get going until July.

This means we have a few weeks until any new cosmetics get revealed by Blizzard, but the good news is Overwatch fan and artist Carolina Amorim has come out with an original new skin design for Hanzo that should hold us over in the meantime.


Carolina Amorim
How Kitsune Hanzo came to be.

If Carolina’s name sounds familiar, that might be because she’s also the artist behind the Echo design that turned her into a techno mage with a hat that would make Big Hat Logan from Dark Souls proud.

But, on to Kitsune Hanzo, and as you can see above Amorim has basically left no detail on the hero overlooked for this design.

The archer now has the kitsune mask placed on his head, and some traditional Japanese garb to complete the look. Fiery red and orange colors match with the flaming effects, which we can practically see in-game already.


His bow now looks like a torii, which are the traditional gateways you see outside of Japanese temples, and even his arrows now look like they’d be right at home along with the bow.

Carolina Amorim
Kitsune would actually be a perfect look for Hanzo.

Now, this skin turns Hanzo into a fox, so it’s stands to reason that his Dragonstrike ultimate ability could be changed to represent these mischievous little creatures just like his Okami skin turns the dragons into wolves.

As we mentioned though, this is just a fan-made design, so it won’t be coming to Overwatch when the Summer Games event gets going sometime in July.


Still, this is one of those skins we could actually see happening, and even if it’s not actually in-game, it should help us bridge the gap between new content drops.