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B.O.B does nothing in hilarious Overwatch clip

Published: 8/Dec/2018 21:22 Updated: 8/Dec/2018 21:26

by Vincent Genova


Ashe’s trusty robot companion B.O.B had a game to forget and was hilariously ineffective when called upon.

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Although Ashe was very clear about wanting B.O.B to do something, B.O.B instead chose to do absolutely nothing.

B.O.B. Why would you do this to me?! from r/Overwatch

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B.O.B did not run out to the objective and was caught in the corner of the room, not firing his weapon either.

The disappointed player made a heads up play and tried to push B.O.B through the doorway and into the action, but it was too late. B.O.B isn’t going to do something just because you asked.


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This isn’t the first time B.O.B failed to live up to expectations. Previously, he chose to run directly into a pub for a drink. Maybe Ashe should start asking nicer if she wants B.O.B to do something objective related.

Ashe is a new character and the upcoming Overwatch Winter Wonderland will be her first event in the game, so fans may have a few new sprays and emotes to look forward to, if not an actual skin.

Winter skins we know will be in the new Winter Wonderland event include Biathlon Widowmaker and Sugar Plum Pixie Mercy.