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Awesome new Overwatch mode allows you to take control of your fallen enemies

Published: 10/May/2019 11:47 Updated: 10/May/2019 12:03

by Joe O'Brien


An incredible new Overwatch Workshop mode sees players take control of their enemies as they take them down.

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The new Workshop feature gives players a lot of control over their custom game modes, enabling them to create practice tools and reproduce classic modes from other titles like a CS:GO-style bomb defuse mode or arcade titles like Space Invaders and Pong.

The Workshop has also given Overwatch players a chance to show off their creativity, coming up with their own game-modes – albeit sometimes taking inspiration from other entertainment franchises like Marvel’s Avengers or Star Wars.

One of the latest new modes, created by u/JimmyHasAPistol, forces players to be comfortable on a diverse range of heroes, as every elimination causes them to swap to the hero they just killed.


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Blizzard EntertainmentThe Overwatch Workshop has been enormously popular with players.

As well as being switched to the hero that you eliminated, you essentially “take over” from the previous player, instantly moving into the exact same position and even being given the exact same ultimate charge as the opponent had.

Naturally, the mode can therefore get incredibly hectic, with killing sprees requiring players to quickly adjust to their new position, as well as the movements of other players as they pick up eliminations of their own.

Those who want to try out this game mode can do so with share code PS2GD.

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I made a custom gamemode where you steal the body of the player you kill and their ult charge. Import code is PS2GD. from r/Overwatch

So far, the Workshop has only been accessible to PC players, as it currently remains on the PC-only PTR. Once it moves over to the live servers, however, it will be available to players on all platforms, with Blizzard having designed the feature such that it doesn’t require a keyboard to use.


Exactly how long it will be before the Workshop goes live, however, remains unclear. Often, the PTR is little more than a preview for changes, but with such a significant new feature it has acted as a significant stage of testing, with Blizzard responding to feedback and fixing issues with several additional updates since the Workshop originally arrived on the PTR on April 24.

The Workshop isn’t the only major new feature that could be on its way, however, with reports of “major changes” to some of the fundamentals of Overwatch being in the works, which may debut in the Overwatch League.


As Overwatch approaches its three-year anniversary, it seems the game might well be set to enter a new golden age.