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Adorable Overwatch skin concept turns Tracer into Japanese school girl

Published: 15/Jun/2021 16:25

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s spunky English time jumper, Tracer, has become the subject of millions of artworks all around the world, but this cute skin idea really stands out from the pack.

Tracer isn’t just the face of Blizzard’s iconic FPS, Overwatch. She’s transcended boundaries and marked herself as one of gaming history’s most lovable characters.

Feisty yet dutiful, thousands of fans have created new and innovative cosmetics for her that we would love to see make it into the game itself. From a Pride Month-themed rainbow outfit to Policewoman Oxton, it’s safe to say fans have let their imaginations run wild.


Taking a very different approach to either of these is Anh Dang‘s adorable high school Tracer idea, who would make the perfect ditsy anime character.

Overwatch Tracer
Blizzard Entertainment
Tracer has blinked her way into the hearts of Overwatch fans.

Overwatch high school Tracer skin idea

A former Overwatch concept artist and the creator of the iconic Enchanted Armor Pharah skin (among many others), Anh is no stranger to creating dazzling cosmetic ideas.

One of these is a Japanese high school version of the English hero, who is pictured in a blue skater skirt and pristine white blouse. Wearing a sky blue sash with white banding, this version of Tracer looks like she’s walked straight out of a manga novel.


It appears, though, that in true Tracer style, she’s running a little late for class. Using her Chronal Accelerator as a toaster, she’s still able to grab some breakfast despite being late.

Embodying the slightly scatterbrained but infinitely good schoolgirl, it’s not hard to imagine her amid other canonical characters like the shy, retiring friend and the brash group leader.

If there’s something that Anh does right, it’s creating skins that truly embody the character’s personality. This quirky little skin does this without being too obvious about it, making it quite a work of art.


As she continues her concept creation journey on Riot Games FPS Valorant, we can’t wait to see what emerges.

Until then, though, make sure you set your alarm clock and don’t end up like Tracer. We’re not all lucky enough to have a Chronal toaster, after all!