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New World

New World players invent new ways to avoid server queues

Published: 29/Sep/2021 17:06

by James Busby


New World’s server queues are forcing players to come up with inventive ways to avoid relogging into the game. 

New World has proven so popular that players are having to queue for several hours before they can even enter the game’s servers. Even if you do manage to successfully grab a spot, the unstable nature of the current lobbies can often land you straight back in the queue. 

While most MMOs often struggle during periods of high demand, many New World players have yet to even start their adventures through Aeternum. However, those lucky enough to make it onto the server have been coming up with inventive ways to avoid undergoing additional queue times.


New World players avoid server queues with simple trick

Is this suppose to show me the year when I get to play? from newworldgame

While game updates are often a big part of modern gaming, no one enjoys spending hours waiting to play their favorite titles. This is especially true for MMO fans who often deal with lengthy server queues. 

MMOs invariably stagger player logins during periods of high traffic to avoid completely overloading the server. These waiting periods can often range from a few seconds to a number of minutes, but the hype surrounding New World has taken this a step further. 

In fact, a number of players have reportedly waited several hours before they can begin playing the game. This obviously isn’t ideal for anyone that has limited play sessions. However, a number of New World Explorers have found the perfect way to avoid server queues. 


If you don’t play, please log off. from newworldgame

SergeantSchmidt posted a video on the official New World Reddit page, which showed dozens of players running into walls. While this may seem rather strange at first, it is a technique many MMO players have often adopted to avoid being logged out. 

As long as your character isn’t completely idle and the server is registering your inputs, then you’ll be able to remain within the lobby. This is particularly useful if you wish to avoid jumping back into the game’s long queues. 

Hopefully, the developers will be able to iron out New World’s server issues in the days to come, but for now, expect to see plenty of wall runners in your adventures through Aeternum.