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How to get the Waning Crescent Fire Staff in New World

Published: 27/Sep/2021 16:22 Updated: 27/Sep/2021 16:39

by Nick Farrell


Magical weapons are among some of the best to use in Amazon’s new MMO, New World, and over the course of the game, you’ll want to keep an eye out to get your hands on the Waning Crescent.

Weapons are one of the major components of any MMORPG, and within New World, as players will get to choose from a wide array of weapon types to take into battle.

However, if you’re looking to use magical weapons, there are three options you have the choice in taking: Fire Staffs, Ice Gauntlets, or Life Staffs, with the former being one of the stronger variants.


If you want to take down some of the toughest bosses in New World, finding the right Fire Staff is how you’re going to want to handle things, and one in particular, Waning Crescent has caught the eyes of players worldwide. Here’s how to find and obtain the Fire Staff within the game.


new world
Amazon Game Studios
New World launches in September, and it looks to rejuvenate the MMORPG genre.

How to get the Waning Crescent Fire Staff

In New World, players can obtain the majority of weapons via chests found in the open world, or through the game’s auction house. Some, like the Waning Crescent Fire Staff, will require players to craft an item with gathered materials, leaning on the game’s frontiersman aspects.


To do so, you’ll need to find the crafting recipe itself, which drops when defeating rare creatures and opening random loot boxes throughout Aeternum. That means it’s all down to luck, although you can buy it from the auction house if you’re low on time and have plenty of gold.

Waning Crescent Fire Staff
Amazon Game Studios / New World Fans
The Waning Crescent Fire Staff is easy to spot.

How to craft the Waning Crescent Fire Staff

Once you do manage to get one of these recipes, crafting the Waning Crescent Fire Staff is relatively simple, only requiring the following ingredients:

  • 2 Scalecloth
  • 4 Barbvine
  • 1 Fire Crystal Core
  • 5 Asmodeum
  • 15 Glittering Ebony
  • 20 Fire Quintessence

After you have all these materials, the fiery weapon is all yours!

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the Waning Crescent Fire Staff and how to craft it!


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