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How to enable PvP in New World: XP perks, more

Published: 25/Oct/2021 22:38

by Connor Knudsen


New World fans love duking it out against one another on the streets of Aeternum, but some newer players out there may be asking themselves how to enable PvP and what perks it provides.

Amazon Games’ MMO, New World, has set itself apart from the rest of the MMO community, in large part due to its commitment to player vs player (PvP).

Dueling, engaging in wars, and random brawls are all hallmarks of the game’s experience, especially for those looking for end-game content at higher levels.

But, if you’re just getting started, here’s everything you need to know about how, and when, you should turn PvP on and off in New World.


How to enable PvP in New World

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While New World offers a lot of PvE content, it truly shines in its PvP prowess.

Players can enable PvP by pressing “U” while in a Sanctuary, or a safe area of the game. Doing so will allow other players in the game to attack you freely once you’ve left the safe zone, but doing so also has its perks.

Having PvP enabled, also called flagging for PvP, comes with a 5% XP perk. This is a nice way to help players level up quickly, however, it also makes lower-level adventurers very susceptible to dying at the hands of a high-level enemy.

If you have PvP flagged and you do end up dying, you will have the option to either respawn at your previous settlement or at a campsite if you have one in close proximity. This is the same as dying at the hands of any of Aeternum’s other monsters.


When choosing to enable it, players should beware of the many ongoing exploits players are using to make their characters nearly unkillable in-game. Sometimes, if you’re just trying to knock out a quest, the extra XP may not be worth it.

New World PvP modes

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Amazon Games
New World’s wars are one of its most exciting offerings.

New World has a few set PvP modes in addition to the otherwise open-world PvP the game provides while players are flagged.

  1. Duels: Players can opt to challenge one other player to a duel once they have joined a faction and reached level 10. These can be done as 1v1 fights, or in groups up to 5v5. Simply type “/duel name” with the name of the player you’d like to duel into the game’s chat.
  2. Wars: Faction wars are one of the hallmarks of New World. These are 50v50 battles that determine which faction will hold control of a settlement. Sign up for these at the War Board in a settlement that your faction is going to be warring at.
  3. Outpost Rush: This mode comes into play for those at level 60. This late-game mode is a 20v20 bout that can be signed up for at a settlement.

Each of these modes offers its own unique spin, and the best way to get accustomed to playing PvP in New World is to enable it and challenge other players in the open-world setting.

Doing so right outside of a settlement has very little risk to the player and will give a good opportunity to practice moves, learn weapon animations, and get prepared for Faction Wars and Outpost Rush in the end-game.


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