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How to become an AoE Mage in New World: Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff build, abilities

Published: 28/Sep/2021 11:05

by Nick Farrell


Mages are always one of the more exciting classes to play in an MMO, and within Amazon’s New World, the Fire and Ice Staff builds will greatly benefit your mage’s AoE abilities.

Amazon Game Studios’ new MMO is finally here, and since there’s no traditional class system, players can equip multiple weapon types in their adventures to mix up combat.

There are two routes players can take in order to become an AoE (area of effect) Mage in New World. Players will need to get their hands on the Ice Gauntlet or Fire Staff to be able to play as an AoE Mage, and each offers its own set of skills.



Amazon Game Studios
The Syndicate is one of the three Factions within New World.

What is the Ice Gauntlet?

The Ice Gauntlet is a weapon with two mastery trees: Ice Tempest and Builder. As you’d imagine, it dishes out Ice damage, scaling with the player’s Intelligence stat.

Not only does it deal damage, but it also slows enemies – perfect for allies to land the killer blow.

New World: How to get the Ice Gauntlet

The main weapon you’re going to want to use in order to become an AoE Mage is the Ice Gauntlet. This can be obtained through chests during missions or through the in-game Auction House.

That means it’s very much a random drop, but it’s worth the effort.

New World AoE Mage: Ice Gauntlet build

New World Ice Gauntlet attack
Amazon Game Studios
The Ice Gauntlet is a core part of any AoE Mage’s options

There are plenty of abilities you can purchase with this weapon, but there’re some that’ll have direct AoE damage on enemies within the game. For the full Mastery Tree, be sure to check out our Ice Gauntlet guide.


  • Ice Spikes: As the name suggests, your player will summon a flurry of Spikes that’ll go up to eight meters forwards. This also has the chance to freeze your enemy in their tracks, allowing you to get a few extra hits off
  • Ice Storm: Arguably the best ability for the Ice Gauntlet, this will create a storm that does “17.0% weapon damage every 0.25 seconds and slows enemies within a 5 meter.” When you obtain a Gauntlet that has significant damage compared to lower-level ones, this Ice Storm can deal immense damage to players and NPCs
  • Wind Chill: Last but not least, the Wind Chill ability will feature “a column of freezing winds that push back enemies 5 meters while dealing 16.0% weapon damage each hit. Wind Chill has a total range of 7 meters with the farthest 2 meters increasing damage 20% without pushing enemies.”

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AEO Mage ice gauntlet tree in New World
New World Fans
The full in-game mastery tree for the Ice Gauntlet is stacked with ability options.

What is the Fire Staff?

The Fire Staff is a weapon with two skill trees; Fire Mage and Pyromancer. Like the Ice Gauntlet, its damage scales with intelligence.

If you’re looking to burn enemies to a crisp, it offers high DPS to take down your foes.

New World: How to get the Fire Staff

As with the Ice Gauntlet, we’ve not found a guaranteed drop in Aeternum that’ll give players the Fire Staff. Instead, you’ll need to buy it in the Auction House, or craft one yourself if you’re looking to save some gold.

One of the better options is the Waning Crescent, and we’ve got a handy guide to help you earn one for yourself.


New World AoE Mage: Fire Staff build

New World Fire Staff Attack
Amazon Game Studios
The Fire Staff will satisfy your inner pyromaniac, and help your team conquer some of New World’s toughest foes

The other weapon that’ll allow players to play an AoE Mage role is the Fire Staff, which can also be obtained through random chests within the game and via the Auction House. The Fire Staff differs from the Ice Gauntlet thanks to certain abilities, but some are relatively similar.

  • Meteor Shower: Players will summon a flurry of Meteors from the sky which will deal “34.0% weapon damage on initial impact and an additional 20.0% weapon damage per second while targets remain in the AOE.”
  • Flame Thrower: Similar to the Ice Gauntlet’s Wind Chill ability, this will “create a jet of flame from the tip of staff dealing 34.0% weapon damage each second. Each hit catches enemies on fire dealing 3.0% weapon damage each second for 6.0s.”
  • Incinerate: The last AoE ability for the Fire Staff will summon “a fiery explosion dealing 130.0% weapon damage and pushes back all enemies 3.0m.”
AEO Mage fire staff in New World
New World Fans
The full mastery loadout for the Fire Staff!

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So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about building an AoE Mage in New World.

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