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New World

Handy New World trick lets you see threat easily

Published: 19/Oct/2021 22:32

by David Purcell


New World has a feature that lets you see threat really easily in-game, but not everybody will know about it when they’re in the midst of a battle.

The popular MMO game, released back in September, has been a welcome change for the genre.

Dominated by World of Warcraft in the past, everyone from Twitch star Asmongold to the casual audience has been giving it a spin.

As it doesn’t have the long history of a WoW franchise, a lot of the game’s controls and minor features are not as well known as many of its competitors.


How to see threat in New World

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Being aware of threat is important for attack and defense in New World.

If you’ve been deep into a team battle, whether it’s a Tank trying to target people or as a DPS avoiding attacks, you will know that seeing when enemies are coming at you is important.

Those having trouble spotting such dangers, however, have a small feature they need to start using more often.

As seen in a Reddit post from overpowered234, the user has identified something that could help. They said: “If you see an enemy health bar that looks like this (red triangles on both ends) this means you have a threat.

How to tell if you have threat from newworldgame

“Just wanted to make it clear since not one of my friends knew this. Pretty sure only tanks realize this and a lot of lower-level DPS have no idea this is a thing.”


This should be really handy for Tanks, who are looking to see if they are doing their job properly.

On the flip side, using this feature will allow DPS or healers to know when they are in trouble and being targeted by an enemy.