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New World Great Axe build: Skills, Mastery tree, passives

Published: 27/Sep/2021 17:39 Updated: 27/Sep/2021 17:42

by Nick Farrell


Amazon’s new MMORPG is finally here, and there’s been a lot of content for players to check out and weapons to obtain. The Great Axe is one of the premier two-handed weapons in New World, but it might take some time to get! 

Like any other MMO such as World of Warcraft, there’s a ton of items you can obtain in the game, and most of these have some sort of mastery tree that players can level through.

For the Great Axe, though, you’ll need to unlock it first before being able to utilize its Mastery Tree.



great axe
The Great Axe is one of the strongest two-handed weapons within New World.

What is the Great Axe in New World?

The Great Axe is a two-handed weapon, perfect for both Tank and DPS roles that focuses on Strength.

While you may want to dabble in the Great Axe class, there’re some notable characteristics and branches you can take with the Mastery Tree to make this two-handed weapon shine even more.

New World Great Axe build mastery trees

Once you have chosen the Great Axe weapon class, you will have the choice of venturing into one of two mastery trees. These are outlined in New World as the following.

Mastery Tree Description
Mauler The Mauler weapon mastery tree focuses on high damage and multi-hit abilities to hack and slash your way through your foes.
Reaper The Reaper weapon mastery tree focuses on crowd control and escape prevention. These skills will help you control the flow of the battle while your allies dispatch those who have caught in your grasp.
New World characters with weapons
Amazon Game Studios
Making sure to choose the right abilities can be the difference between life or death.

Best Great Axe skills

Skill What it Does
Charge Charge 10 meters dealing 120% weapon damage when you reach a target or press LMB. This ability grants Unstoppable, preventing you from being interrupted.
Reap Extend your axe 5 meters, pulling foes towards you and dealing 110% weapon damage.
Maesltrom Fast-spinning attack that pulls enemies closer to you and deals 110% weapon damage.
  • Charge: Charge is an absolute must as a tank with the Great Axe due to its slower speed, giving you that extra momentum you need without being interrupted to deliver those killing blows.
  • Reap: Taking this skill will allow you to pull your enemies towards you, which is incredibly useful to get any DPS-based foes away from your Ranged part members.
  • Maelstrom: Similar to Reap, this will also bring your enemies closer to you to take the heat off of your party. The bonus, however, is that it’s a fast-spinning attack – dealing more damage in less time.

Best Great Axe passives

To truly make the most of the two-handed weapon and its skills, we’d recommend taking perks such as Blood Lust, Death’s Embrace, and Whirlwind.


  • Blood Lust: Grants a fantastic 30% speed increase coupled with 15% higher damage when enemies are 15 meters in front of you.
  • Death’s Embrace: Amplifies both damage and armor penetration with enemies below 50% health.
  • Feed: Perfect for keeping your health topped up, this heals you for 10% of the damage dealt when attacking an enemy below 30% health.

So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about the best Great Axe build and mastery tree in New World.

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