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Asmongold’s New World scalp sparks debate on Twitch streamer name debacle

Published: 29/Sep/2021 7:47

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Asmongold claimed the New World developers should implement a “creator program” to help Twitch streamers secure character names, but some viewers accused him of being “entitled.”

New World’s popularity is skyrocketing following its release on September 28. However, spots on some servers have been hard to come by. Some players stuck have been stuck in queues for hours, prompting the devs to release more.

But that’s not the only problem players are dealing with. The developers also pointed out that character names are global. In other words, the same name can’t be used more than once, even if it’s on a different server. It’s a problem for Twitch streamers, too.


After failing to lock in his own name, Asmongold had to settle for adding an ‘X’ at the end. It’s something that MMORPG players have been doing for years. However, he believes the developers should make an exception.

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New World players are up in arms over trying to secure character names.

“I think that the companies and the streamers need to have a creator program,” he said.

“In the creator program, they arrive at a name that the developer and the creator agree on will be that creator’s name in the game.”

Not only does he think it will “increase accountability” for the streamer, but he also claims it will prevent people from impersonating streamers and trying to steal their names and sell them.


“It’s cleaner and easier for everybody,” he added.

“I think that streamers should get that because they’re advertising the game to millions of people. There are people that are actively trying to maliciously steal their name and hold it for ransom.

“Somebody tried to get my name and sell it for $6000.”

Asmongold’s comments were met with mixed reactions. Some viewers asked him whether he was “on crack” for having such an ‘entitled’ view. However, he doubled down on it and re-iterated why he thinks it’s a good idea.

Either way, the developers described their launch day as “tremendous” but asked players to be patient while they fix login queues and server issues.


It remains to be seen whether they’ll do anything about character names, though.