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NBA 2K22 active locker codes – September 2021

Published: 23/Sep/2021 11:24 Updated: 23/Sep/2021 11:25

by Nick Farrell


Locker codes are going to be your one-stop destination for getting some free content within NBA 2K22, and it’s always nice to know all the active ones within the game.

NBA 2K has remained as one of the premier sporting titles for numerous years now, and this is in large part to the expansive MyCareer game mode, which offers a ton of features for players to dive into.

Within NBA 2K22, they’ve once again revamped the story within MyCareer and if you’re looking to improve your player, or if you’re playing MyTeam, 2K drops locker codes for players to redeem within the game.


We’re going to run over all the active locker codes present in NBA 2K22, and we’ll be sure to update this page as 2K Games unveil more over the coming weeks.


lamelo ball nba 2k
2K Games
LaMelo Ball will look to surge in ratings this year within NBA 2K.

What are locker codes within NBA 2K22?

Think of these locker codes as free ways to earn some amazing reward within the game, by simply redeeming a code that the developers have put on social media or other platforms.

They can offer a wide array of bonuses for players, from VC to unique packs for use in MyTeam, we’ve seen some crazy rewards come from these locker codes. So, it’s always worth your efforts to know all of the current ones floating around the internet.


How to redeem locker codes in NBA 2K22

The City
2K Games
2K’s new interactive city is a great place to show off some rewards obtained through locker codes.

Players looking to use one of these codes will first need to understand how you’ll be able to redeem them within the game. You can do this by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Head over to the main menu
  2. Go to the settings tab
  3. Find the options button
  4. Scroll down until you see locker codes
  5. Once there, this is the menu you’ll use to enter the codes

A relatively easy process, and once you enter the codes, you’ll be able to access your prizes immediately!

Active locker codes – September 2021

We’re going to run over all the active locker codes within the game for the month of September 2021. As well, we’ll be sure to list all the rewards along with the expiration date for these locker codes.

Code Reward Expiration Date
FLASH-PACKS-IN-MYTEAM-2K22 Flash Pack, Gold New Balance Kawhi Shoe Base Pack, Gold Adidas D-Rose 11 Shoe Base Pack or 2 Tokens September 24
2K22-PLAYER-INDICATOR Player Indicator September 24
PRIMETIME-PACKS-IN-MYTEAM Primetime Pack, Nike Gold Shoe Base, Badge Pack, 3 Shoe Boosts, or 1 Token September 27

While this list is rather bare at the time, there’s going to be a flurry of new ones in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more. In the meantime, however, be sure to get up to speed with some other NBA 2K22 news with some of our guides listed below.


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