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How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft – Recipe guide

Published: 8/May/2021 16:52

by Nick Farrell


Smooth Stone has emerged as one of the most popular blocks when it comes to constructing buildings in Minecraft. Here is how to craft all the variants of Smooth Stone and what you will need to do so!

Minecraft’s wide assortment of blocks is undoubtedly one of the shining factors that have propelled the game ever since it was released. Players are able to fully utilize certain blocks in order to polish off their projects and Smooth Stone has been at the forefront of this.

While this block is a simple concept and will not require a lot of time to produce, it can be one of the defining blocks within your Minecraft world. Below is how to make Smooth Stone, Stone Slabs, and other iterations of the block!


burning cobblestone to make stone
Burning Cobblestone is the easiest method to make Smooth Stone

How to make a Furnace in Minecraft

In order to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft, you will need first need to gather Cobblestone which will be for constructing a Furnace. We recommend getting as much Cobblestone as you can, because not only will you need it for the Furnace, but for actually making the Smooth Stone itself.

While you are harvesting Cobblestone, be sure to check around for some Coal; as this will be the material best suited for the Furnace. Once you are done gathering materials, follow the below image which is the recipe for making a Furnace.

Furnace recipe
Crafting a Furnace will only take 8 Cobblestone

Once you have completed this task, then we are ready to move on making Smooth Stone!


Turning Cobblestone into Smooth Stone

Now that you have the three materials required to make Smooth Stone, the process is actually quite easy for making Smooth Stone. You are going to want to put the Coal you have collected into the bottom portion of the Furnace, as this is going to be the fuel of the Furnace.

Then, you will take all of the Cobblestone you have collected and place it at the top half of the Furnace. Over the period of some time, the Coal will melt the Cobblestone into Stone; but do not worry, as this is not the finished product.

Once all of the Cobblestone is burned and you have yourself a nice stack of Stone, you are going to want to place all of the Stone back into the Furnace and melt it again. Once this has been completed you will have the finished product of Smooth Stone!


Stone being melted into Smooth Stone
Stone melts into Smooth Stone within the Furnace!

This block is pretty versatile and can be used within an ample amount of projects, but there are other variants of Smooth Stone we are also going to talk about now!

How to make Smooth Stone Slab

Slabs are essentially trimmed down versions of full blocks within Minecraft. They are best used for roofing and smaller-scaled locations, as their low profile blends in well at certain locations, so players are often flocking to Slabs over full-sized blocks!

In order to make Smooth Stone Slabs, you are only going to need some Smooth Stone; as the process of making these slabs is not too complicated. You will need to open up your crafting menu, and then place a row of Smooth Stone horizontally across all three squares within the crafting menu.


Placing one Smooth Stone block within each square will produce six Smooth Stone Slabs, so you really get a bang for your buck here!

Smooth Stone Slab guide
Slabs are great for all sorts of builds!

How to make Stone Bricks

While there is not a Smooth Stone Brick variant, there is a regular Stone Birck that looks fantastic alongside Smooth Stone. The process of making these blocks is going to follow the same procedure as if you were making Smooth Stone, but instead of burning the Stone a second time; you are going to halt here.

Once you have the stone, you are then going to load up your crafting menu once again. Then, you will need to place four Stone blocks in a square pattern, or 2X2; this recipe will then produce the Stone Bricks!


stone brick guide
A simple yet classy block

Are there Smooth Stone Stairs?

Unfortunately, there is no current recipe for Smooth Stone Stairs within Minecraft, but we could see this block be implemented soon. As we already have Stone Stair variants, so this would not surprise us if they add this soon!