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How to make a grindstone in Minecraft – Recipe guide

Published: 6/May/2021 16:28

by James Busby


Minecraft grindstones enable players to repair and remove weapon enchantments, which makes them an important addition to any world. 

Whether you’re looking to repair your favorite items or wish to remove an enchantment from a specific weapon, you’ll need to build a grindstone to do so. However, if you’re new to the blocky world of Minecraft, then you may not know the recipe for making one. After all, it’s always helpful to learn how to make useful in-game items that can help increase your survivability.

Well, a key item that every Minecraft player should know how to make is a grindstone. Not only does repairing existing items help cut down on any lengthy crafting, it will also allow you to keep your most prized loot in good condition. 


How to make a grindstone in Minecraft

Minecraft stick recipe
Mojang Studios
Making a grindstone requires quite a few items.

In order to make a grindstone in Minecraft, you’ll first need to obtain the appropriate materials. Fortunately, these are incredibly easy to acquire and can be obtained at the start of every new world. 

Before you can make a grindstone, you’ll first need to do the following:

  • smelt 3x cobblestone into stone 
  • craft any type of wood into 2x wooden planks
  • Craft the 2x planks into x2 sticks
  • Craft the 3x stone into a stone slab

Minecraft grindstone recipe

Minecraft grindstone
Mojang Studios
This is what your crafting table should look like.
  • 2x Sticks 
  • 1x Stone Slab
  • 2x Oak Planks (can be any planks)

Once you’ve put the following materials into the crafting tab, you’ll be able to obtain your very own Minecraft grindstone. Simply place the grindstone down on the ground and you’ll be able to repair and remove enchantments from your gear in no time. 

There you have it, everything you need to make a grindstone in Minecraft. Make sure to check out our Minecraft page for all the latest recipe guides and news.