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Fitz responds to backlash for using a “slur” on Minecraft stream

Published: 17/Jan/2021 16:53

by Julian Young


Popular content creator Fitz has been accused of using a slur while playing on the EpicSMP Minecraft server, and has now responded to the criticism over his choice in words.

On January 14, Matt Watson – member of the popular SuperMega YouTube channel – announced the creation of the EpicSMP Minecraft server. In addition, he provided a stacked lineup of content creators and internet personalities who were invited to participate.

One of the content creators Watson invited to the server was Cameron ‘Fitz’ McKay, a well-known gaming and comedy creator. Fitz was one of over 30 personalities that would be taking part in the Minecraft shenanigans.


Days later on January 17, Fitz came under fire for his language while streaming on the EpicSMP server. After ‘fitz’ began trending on Twitter, he issued several tweets addressing the situation and explaining his point-of-view.

Fitz Minecraft YouTube EpicSMP Server
Twitch / Fitz
Popular content creator Fitz has come under fire for his use of offensive language on the EpicSMP Minecraft server.

The incident in question occurred while Fitz was streaming his Minecraft content on January 17. In a clip taken from that stream, Fitz wandered around then stopped for a moment and asked himself “What am I actually doing? I’m retarded.”

After a brief pause, the YouTuber seemed to realize what he said could come off as offensive and remarked “Can I say that? Are they gonna get mad at me on Twitter?”


Word of Fitz’s comments spread online after the incident occurred, and many were quick to criticize his choice of words. Users Tweeted out their thoughts on how the language was insensitive and rude, and called Fitz out for using offensive words with his audience.

Others seemed less surprised and offended by the incident. Several Tweets expressed surprise about the overall reaction to the clip, and responses like “Fitz was canceled for this???” flooded Twitter as well.

After the drama began to unfold, Fitz hit back directly at those criticizing him, and said (sarcastically) “I hope we live in a world someday where no one can say anything at all.”


He followed up by explaining that he was only joking when the language in question was used. He ended his thoughts on the situation by pointing out that “you can stay pressed if you like but I’m probably already on your side.”

While many of his fans supported Fitz and his explanation, others still took issue with the language he used. “You can say whatever you want but people also have the right to not like what you say,” one user responded.

Fitz responded “IMO the problem is that there’s no acknowledgment of intent or context, so a lot of the outrage feels short-sighted and overly sensitive.” He suggested that people who found the language offensive “need to disengage with content they find unappealing instead of attacking it.”


This is not the first time Fitz has faced criticism from the content creation community for his language or actions. In late 2020, the creator was called out by Pokimane for harassment she received after Fitz joked about the two being in a relationship.

It remains to be seen how far the fallout from Fitz’s comments will spread. So far there has been no word on the creator being removed from the EpicSMP server or any bans or suspensions. We will keep you updated on any developments.