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First look at ‘Tarkcraft’ – Escape from Tarkov as a Minecraft mod revealed by Trevor May

Published: 2/May/2021 20:01

by Julian Young


Minecraft is famous for enabling artists to create amazing video game crossovers, and MLB baseball player Trevor May has revealed the first look at an incredible Escape From Tarkov mod faithfully recreated in Mojang’s title.

Minecraft provides players with a nearly infinite level of replayability within its many modes. A large chunk of Minecraft’s popularity also comes from the game’s creative side where players are free to build whatever they can dream up, limited only by their ingenuity.

Naturally, Minecraft’s building mechanics have led to an impressive number of crossovers with other video games, the latest being Escape from Tarkov, as revealed by professional baseball player and content creator Trevor May.


May teased players with a look at his very own Escape from Tarkov mod built inside Minecraft, which he affectionately calls ‘Tarkcraft’.

Trevor May Tarkcraft Mod YouTube Video
YouTube / IamTrevorMay
May unveiled the ambitious Tarkov-Minecraft crossover to his followers on YouTube and Twitter.

In a video shared to his YouTube channel, May revealed that he and fellow creator ‘Cuvington’ have plans to create an ambitious (and faithful) recreation of Battlestate Games’ hardcore survival sim using the tools provided by Mojang’s open-world sandbox.

“We are attempting to put Escape from Tarkov into Minecraft [and] make it playable,” he revealed, confirming that many of the signature features from EFT (like stash, gun mods and limb damage mechanics) would be present in the mod as well.


May already has plenty of footage to back up these lofty goals, including the early stages of the aforementioned mechanics, a PMC and Scav mode selection console, and some of the actual maps where the game’s tense raids will take place.

As most interested fans would expect, there are plenty of weapons, ammo, and attachments already included, along with the game’s signature sound system that experienced Tarkov players know is crucial to its nail-biting gameplay experience.

The pair also confirmed that the mod will include a massive open-world style map with several different areas separated for raids and PMC/Scav runs — a very similar setup to how Escape from Tarkov itself handles the game’s various locations.


May stated that their main goal is simply to get people excited about the mod, while also revealing that he “would love to have some new people involved” in the mod’s development.

Any Minecraft or Escape from Tarkov fans who want to give May and Cuvington feedback can sound off in the video’s comments. While the final version is still a ways off, the mod’s early demo certainly does right by the original Tarkov title and gives fans plenty to be excited about.