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Lando Norris wins in his $25k Twitch Rivals Minecraft Invitational: Results, prize

Published: 3/Mar/2021 19:29 Updated: 3/Mar/2021 23:11

by Jacob Hale


Formula 1 driver Lando Norris has announced a $25,000 Minecraft Twitch Rivals tournament, featuring other F1 drivers and top names.

Norris himself has seen a lot of success off the grid over the last couple of years as well as on it, growing his Twitch stream playing games such as Call of Duty battle royale, Warzone.

He’s even started his own content and esports organization called Quadrant, and expressed an interest in joining the Call of Duty League — but now he’s turning his attention to Minecraft.

Taking to the hit sandbox game that seems to only ever be growing in popularity, here’s what you need to know about the tournament.


Lando Norris Minecraft Invitational Results

Place Team Points Prize
1st Team Norris 30 $10,000
2nd Team Baldwin 28 $7,500
3rd Team Fewtrell 23 $5,000
4th Team Albon 15 $2,500


As with all Twitch Rival showcases, fans are welcomed to tune into their favorite competitors’ stream to watch them compete in the event.

For people that want to catch the broadcast stream that sifts through all of the streamers’ perspective, we’ve embedded the TwitchRivals channel below for your convenience.

Format & Schedule

twitch rivals lando norris

The tournament will see four teams, including one captained by Lando himself, earning points across three mini-games designed specifically for the event. They will be a mix of racing and PVP modes as follows:

  • Game 1: The Walls
  • Game 2: Boat Racing
  • Game 3: Bow Bash
  • Finals
The Walls in Minecraft
One of the mini-games played will be The Walls.

Teams & Players

The field of 16 players are going to be split into four teams, with a ton of entertainment-value filled in every stream:


Captains Players
Team 1 Lando Norris Theofficialfng, DrLupo, CaptainSparklez
Team 2 James Baldwin HBomb94, aaravaTV, KaraCorvus
Team 3 Max_Fewtrell Team Quadrant, Seapeekay, Eret
Team 4 Albon Steve Alvarez Brown, xChocoBars, PeteZahHutt