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Best Minecraft seeds in 2021 for patch 1.17

Published: 27/Oct/2021 1:02 Updated: 27/Oct/2021 15:23

by James Busby


Minecraft seeds allow you to create unique biomes that keep the game fresh no matter how much you play. With the 1.17 patch update in 2021, we’ve put together a list of the best Minecraft seeds for both Java and Bedrock.

Whether you’re tired of your current Minecraft game biome or looking to go on a new adventure, you’ll want to use a world seed. These seeds enable you to both generate new maps and even visit existing ones that have been used by other Minecraft players.

From dense forests that house hidden villages to snowy tundra temples, there is a biome for every kind of setting. Of course, this means tracking down the perfect world to set up your new home can be an incredibly time-consuming task.

Fortunately, we’ve scoured the depths of the game’s never-ending worlds and plucked out 26 of the best Minecraft seeds you can use in 1.17 for Bedrock and Java.

Additional reporting by Ava Thompson-Powell.


Bedrock Shattered Savanna with rare biomes

Minecraft Savanna Rare Biome

Seed: 848895421
Source: ricecake1111113
Platform: Bedrock

Known for showcasing some of the coolest seeds around, Reddit user ricecake1111113 has found another fantastic seed the features an astounding variety of biomes. With Canyons, Eroded Badlands, a Jungle, and Tall Birch Forest biomes, this truly takes the cake as one of the best. What’s more, it’s even available for Bedrock players!

Shipwrecked into a mountain

Minecraft Mountain Ship seed
Microsoft / YouTube: BrilliantRealistic96
Someone forgot to shout “land-ho!” in this… unique docking location for a ship.

Source: BrilliantRealistic96
Platform: Java

Fancy a spot of sightseeing to break up the usual gameplay loop? This uniquely crashed ship has got you covered. Obviously wrecked for a long time, this ship has found itself lodged into a mountain high above sea level.

Consider yourself a builder? Perhaps you could turn it into a sea-view home and base to come back to and rest after a long day of adventuring. If not, this one is worth taking a trip to just to see it in person.

Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansion Minecraft 1.17 Java
Microsoft / TheRealVommp
Available for Java players, this beautiful seed features a rare Woodland Mansion!

Seed: 834769748139291188
Source: TheRealVommp
Platform: Java

Featuring a very rare Woodland Mansion spawn, this seed is ideal for both new and returning players! With a desert biome and village nearby at -150 / 71 / 100 that has some incredible chest contents hidden underground and in watchtowers such as an Enchanted Book, perfect for any adventurer, there’s everything that you could ever need hiding away throughout this incredibly special Java seed.

Coastal Village with docked ship

Minecraft Coastal Village
This coastal seed even features a fantastic ship that’s docked right by it!

Seed: 2083747154327962073
Source: drcopus
Platform: Java

Fancy a trip to the seaside? This coastal village is right by the spawn location, even featuring a cool-looking ship docked outside of it. With plenty of opportunities to mine and an entryway to the Nether not too far away, there are lots of uses for this seed.

While this seed was created for 1.16, one player notes that it does work on 1.17, but the ship spawned in a slightly different location. Still, it’s an incredibly cool place to set up a base before heading out and exploring the world.

Village on a High Pillar

Minecraft Village Seed Java
Microsoft / DylanDC14
This village sits way atop a huge pillar, protected from all sorts of potential enemies!

Seed: -5694368681594500133
Source: DylanDC14
Platform: Java

This seed has reached over 4,000 upvotes at the time of writing, and it’s not hard to see why. This incredibly unique Minecraft seed features a towering plinth with a small village resting atop it. Any Pillagers that spawn to attack the village seem to appear down at the bottom of the pillar, meaning that they can’t reach the Villagers, and so the raid will quickly be over!

Cat Island

Cat Island Minecraft seed
Mojang Studios / Kitcatgirl21
The absolute cutest island you’ve ever seen.

Seed: 532234670
Source: Kitkatgirl21
Platform: Bedrock

Available on Bedrock, this amazing cat-shaped island is all you’ll need if you’re a fan of the furry feline. While the majority of the biome above ground appears to be relatively similar, the shape of the island alone is enough to warrant a trip to this particular seed.

11 Biomes at spawn

11 biomes seed
Mojang Studios / mintymoes
There are plenty of biomes to explore here.

Seed: -8401040335508653605
Source: mintymoes
Platform: Java

It’s not every day where you generate a new Minecraft biome and be greeted with such a diverse cluster of locations. This amazing seed features 11 biomes which are all neatly clustered together, so you won’t need to trek far in order to reap the resources from each area. 

If that wasn’t enough, you spawn in the very center of the map. Why not take a sandy stroll through the mesa plains, then cool off in the lush green forests? You’ll definitely never want to leave this picturesque biome. 

Mushroom Island

Minecraft Mushroom island
Mojang Studios / Killstepz
A mushroom island paradise.

Seed: 5975519174833736675
Source: Killstepz
Platform: Java

Become the reigning owner of your very own Mushroom Kingdom with this fungus inhabited island. Once you’ve finished perusing the sandy shores and done a bit of fishing, you’ll be able to saunter back to your island mansion and get in some quality relaxation. 

The mushroom island neighbors a desert village island and a woodland mansion island, so there’s plenty of exploration to be done. Mansions are hard to find at the best of times, so finding two is definitely an even rarer occurrence. Even Nintendo’s Mario Mario Bros. didn’t have it this good!

All biomes (including all rare biome variants)

All Minecraft biomes seed
Mojang Studios / BigBrain5Head
This seed features everything you could ever need and more.

Seed: 64971835648254
Source: BigBrain5Head
Platform: Java (Bedrock download available)

If you thought mintymoes’ 11 biomes at spawn seed was good, then you’ll definitely want to add this seed to your collection. BigBrain5Head hit the Minecraft world jackpot when he spawned a world with every single biome and all rare biome variants. This means you can set up your home and instantly get access to the game’s best resources. 

To make matters even better, every biome is within a 2500 block radius of the spawn. This instantly cuts down the annoying treks between each area, saving you huge amounts of time. BigBrain5Head is certainly worthy of their name. 

Shipwreck Island

Shipwreck Island Minecraft seed
Mojang / ShopCaller
This seed will whisk you away to a fantastic deserted island.

Seed: -7206690241419829648
Source: ShopCaller
Platform: Java

Not just looking for an island that’s full of resources, but is a unique experience as a whole? This one’s for you. Featuring a ravine that intersects with another deep underwater, you’ll be able to explore high and low with this deserted island.

That’s not all, though. With beehives, shipwrecks, and an abandoned mineshaft containing chests that’ll nab you both diamonds and glow berries, you’ll be set to have a blast with this seed.

Savanna, Taiga, Jungle, and Temple at spawn

Savanna, Taiga, Jungle biomes in Minecraft

Seed: -1454776334
Source: FoxyShards
Platform: Bedrock

This Bedrock seed works with patch 1.17, and features a tonne of cool things, from clay patches to help searching for diamonds, through to abandoned villages and desert temples! Featuring a lake in the middle of the seed that’s encircled by the different biomes, you’ve got everything you’ll need right within reach.

Best speedrun Seed

Minecraft speedrun seed
Mojang Studios / Plebiain
Minecraft speedrunning got just that little bit easier.

Seed: 4530634556500121041
Source: Plebiain
Platform: Java

The Minecraft speedrunning community has come under fire recently, but that hasn’t stopped Plebiain from discovering one of the best speedrun seeds in the game. This world features everything players need to get the best run times. There’s a blacksmith with 17 obsidian, a house with four beds, a nearby dolphin, and a pre-lit ruined portal.

This seed has literally everything you could ever need to set a blisteringly fast Minecraft run. Simply use the code above and get practicing. 

Jungle Biome surrounded by Mesas

Jungle and desert biome
Mojang Studios / exitparadise
A jungle oasis awaits you in this stunningly beautiful world.

Seed: 867832618049646
Source: exitparadise
Platform: Java

Mesa biomes offer some of the most beautifully striking sights in Minecraft. The craggy canyons feature everything from reddish blocks, prickly cacti, and rocky outcrops make for some rather picturesque views. This is especially true when the mesa biome in question encompasses a small jungle. 

If the sun is proving to just that little bit hot or you grow tired of the sandy surrounding, simply take a walk down to the cooling shade offered by the nearby jungle oasis. 

Zombie Village

Zombie Village Minecraft Seed
Mojang Studios / BigBrain5Head
Fancy a bit of zombie survival in Minecraft? Check out this unique seed.

Source: BigBrain5Head
Platform: Java

This seed sees you spawn right in the middle of the zombie village, so you’ll have to watch out when spawning in. Featuring two mushroom islands on either side of the landmass, each village is easily interconnected with a bridge, and as players will know, this is an incredibly rare occurrence.

Village temple

Minecraft hidden village temple
Mojang Studios / MrCappzz
Enjoy stunning views from this hidden village church.

Seed: -3466336858238104955
Source: MrCappzz
Platform: Java

Minecraft is home to some incredibly tranquil areas and this world seed certainly proves that. Most Minecraft villages are invariably found in rather dull areas of the map, but this one can be found nestled below a gigantic mountain. If that wasn’t striking enough, the village church overlooks the village from atop a snowcapped peak. 

While MrCappzz didn’t give any other details regarding the seed’s resources and locations, this cozy village is worth a visit alone. 

Tundra Village

Tundra Village Minecraft
Mojang / ricecake1111113
This snowy Tundra also has a range of other biomes worth checking out.

Seed: -2109507520
Platform: Bedrock

Available on Bedrock and on 1.17, this beautiful snowy mountain island also features both a Mushroom Village and Savanna Village! With buried treasure featuring the Heart of The Sea, a spider spawner, and a ruined portal, adventuring through this seed will be an absolute blast.

Mountain plains

Minecraft mountain biome
Mojang Studios / SpaceBoiArt
The hill are alive with the sound of Creepers.

Seed: 7229962402130211473
Source: SpaceBoiArt
Platform: Java

Mountains not only provide you with a fantastic vantage point for you to survey your kingdom, but they also make for some awesome house locations. While mountains aren’t exactly uncommon in Minecraft, it is rare for them to completely surround a plain valley. The mountainous terrain even has its own freshwater river that flows through and around the craggy cliffs. 

A land of Fire and Ice

Minecraft hidden desert village
Mojang Studios / Killstepz
This hidden village is a thing of beauty.

Seed: 45721884739527
Source: Killstepz
Platform: Java

This Minecraft seed is like a Russian doll as it’s hiding a secret area. In order to uncover the hidden village, you must first traverse the snowy tundra and make your way over a wooded mountain before you uncover a desert island. On this sandy wasteland, you’ll find a small village basking in the sun. 

It’s a unique sight to behold and one that demonstrates just how amazing Minecraft’s procedurally generated worlds can be. 

Water world

Minecraft Water World seed
Mojang Studios / HydroPunkBot
Fancy taking a dip in this watery world?

Seed: 3010064798083778592
Source: HydroPunkBot
Platform: Java

This seed won’t catch your eye for its scenic sights, nor will it make a particularly quaint home. It will, however, will put your survival skills to the test. Players start off by spawning inside an underwater shipwreck and you’ll need to escape in order to survive.

It’s up to you to salvage the shipwreck, fish for consumables, and search your watery surroundings for any useful resources. HydroPunkBot’s biome is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for a challenge, then this world seed will do just that. 

Desert Island

Desert Island seed Minecraft
Mojang / ricecake1111113
This desert island seed has villages and a coral reef!

Seed: 43203781

This island on the list is surrounded on all sides by water, featuring coral reefs, temples, treasures, skeletons, and spiders! You’ve also got strongholds and a fortress. What more could you want?

Mesa, Savannah, Jungle & Swamp

Minecraft All Environments Seed
This seed has several different landscapes.

Source: llama_boi_4
Platform: Java

This seed features almost every time of environment you can possibly want. Perfect for new players.

Village with multi-tiered lakes

Multi-tiered lakes seed in MinecraftThe multi-tiered lakes create fantastic building opportunities

Seed: 4344633995751933050
Source: Norcalnomadman
Platform: Java

This is by far one of the most unique seeds you’ll come across in Minecraft. The building and terrain opportunities are endless and your creative juices will surely be flowing! This seed features multi-tiered lakes as well as a village right next to it.

Jungle surrounded by snowy mountains

Jungle surrounded my snowy mountains seed in Minecraft
A beautiful and rare site – this seed shows the contrast between two opposing environments.

Source: its_Artem1
Platform: Java

This unique, yet beautiful seed is primarily on this list for its rare landscape. Whether you choose to build a lush, green jungle base in the center of these snowy mountains, or you just want to admire this rare site, this seed is definitely one for the books.

Lake village on the edge of a steep cliff

Minecraft 1.17 Lake village
This lake-side village sits right at the edge of an incredibly tall cliff.

Source: MariaJachinski
Platform: Java

This seed offers players a rare environment that boasts a village on the lake, and a cliff littered with waterfalls and hidden caves.

Mountains with stunning views

Mountain seed in Minecraft
Let your creativity run rampant in this mountainous environment.

Seed: 2383584171786941541
Source: Ceresjanin420
Platform: Java

If you’re a fan of beautiful panoramas then this seed is a perfect fit for you. It features high altitude snowy mountains, as well as lush forests.

Pyramids in a plain village

pyramids in minecraft village
A rare sight of pyramids in a plain Minecraft village.

Source: TheChaoticPizza
Platform: Java

The main attraction of this seed are the pyramids in what seem to be a very plain Minecraft village. While it may not be anything groundbreaking, it definitely is out of the ordinary.

There you have it, 26 of the best Minecraft seeds you can use in 1.17. We’ll be updating this list with new Minecraft seeds, so come back here often for all the latest updates.

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