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Madden Ultimate Team | Grimes and Walker Highlight New Primetime Performers

Published: 20/Dec/2018 17:31

by Joe Bartel


Yet another day of Madden Ultimate Team Zero Chill is upon us, and while disappointment filled players’ Christmas stockings Wednesday, Thursday’s rendition of Zero Chill appears to be marginally better thanks to the old adage – less equals more.

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Following the formula of past days, two presents, one “small” and one “large” were revealed at 10:30 ET. Given the clues found on the present image, it seemed easy to deduce some variation of a quick sell card would become available, and to the surprise of no one, the small pack wound up yielding a Wheel of Quicksell pack from the range of 1,000-100,000 coins. 


Compared to the lump of coal that was yesterday’s Gold OOP player from a similarly small pack, Thursday’s puny gift is by default nicer thanks to the possibility, however remote it may be, of hitting “big”.

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An 87 overall OOP Ironmen version of Mike Evans, playing at strong safety, was the larger of the two gifts to “unwrap” Thursday. It’s pretty clear at this point that nearly all of these OOP players are simply novelty items, but it’s worth pointing out Evans is easily the best SS for the Buccaneers and thus is at least a fun item for strictly Tampa Bay theme teams. 


6-foot-5 height is essentially rendered moot with 85 speed, but respectable tackling statistics for a WR-turned-SS could make Evans an intriguing in-the-box option in the popular 3-3-5 nickel defenses, but that’s the extent of his viability.

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Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of Evans’ card is the ability to quick sell for just 310 snow, 130 less than 87 overall OOP FB Jason Kelce which was released Tuesday. That appears to be a direct counter to the exploit discovered Tuesday by a number of users, including popular streamer and YouTuber, Gutfoxx, who was able to generate a decent chunk of snow currency for free before it was allegedly patched.


Along with gifts, two new Primetime Performers were released Thursday. 94 overall cornerback Brent Grimes is the first to join the party, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the Dolphins CB winds up being one of the lowest-priced LTDs this year upon leaving packs. Arguably one of the least popular Power-Ups options available in the game, the statistics would have had to be overwhelming in order to elicit any sort of excitement. 

While 95 play recognition, 94 zone coverage and 96 press are fine, 89 speed essentially renders this card obsolete; never something you want to hear for a card that is guaranteed to be at least 500,000 coins thanks to its quick sell price.


On the other hand, 94 overall Primetime Performer Delanie Walker appears to be quite easily one of the best non-Legend tight ends in the game. Known as one of the best run-blocking TEs in the NFL, Walker’s 86 run block and 84 run block finesse certainly live up to that reputation, and his receiving statistics plus speed make him a serviceable option outside of the trenches. 

Couple that with the ability to earn three-times the Titans’ team chemistry by virtue of his Powered-Up 90 overall Team Diamond card, Walker clearly will live up to his baseline price and is a nice way to improve a card that would otherwise have no chance to get better (Walker missed all but one game with a broken ankle).


Grimes and Walker will be in packs for 48 hours. Friday appears to be another loaded content day, with more presents and the real possibility of Ghosts of Christmas Past set to launch near 10:30 ET.