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Everything we know about Udyr’s LoL rework: new abilities, release date

Published: 30/Jun/2021 8:25 Updated: 30/Jun/2021 9:17

by Andrew Amos


Udyr’s rework is the next major VGU coming to League of Legends. The Freljordian spirit walker is getting a total visual and gameplay overhaul, although Riot plans on keeping his new kit similar to his old stance-based one.

Udyr is finally getting his long-awaited League of Legends rework, thanks to a fan poll in Season 11. While he has been prevalent in the 2021 meta, his outdated kit doesn’t have long left on Summoner’s Rift.

“His popularity has waxed and waned over the years, but somehow there have always been plenty of players in his corner ready to stance dance and maul their way through the Rift,” champion designer Stash ‘Stashu’ Chelluck said in a June 29 dev blog.


To combat this, Riot are planning on bringing Udyr into the modern game ⁠— much like they did with Fiddlesticks and Dr Mundo, most recently.

Oft-forgotten jungler Udyr was a shock addition in League patch 11.3's buff list.
Riot Games
Udyr’s rework is coming to League of Legends.

Udyr rework abilities

While there’s no details of Udyr’s reworked kit floating around yet, Riot has a specific design direction they want to take the jungler. They want to keep it melee-centric, but focus on increasing “high moments” and “thematic execution”.

“While his straight-forward melee style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s clear that Udyr’s gameplay has stood the test of time,” Chelluck added.

This includes introducing “moments where everyone can look over and see Udyr doing something a little more visibly awesome and powerful”, as well as making him a bit more grounded in Runeterran lore.


“We think that by making a few thematic tweaks, we can make an Udyr that has far more exciting connections to the world around him and to those that would fight him for it. Whatever theming changes we make here, the gameplay will embrace them to really make Udyr shine.”

Udyr LoL rework design
Riot Games
Udyr’s LoL rework is currently in the early phases of development, with Riot tinkering with his look and feel.

Riot are going to preserve his “four basic abilities that change stances”, and not give him any “ranged abilities or significant dashes”.

However, they’re looking at introducing “super stances”, where “Udyr can recast is active stance to use the super version on a cooldown”. Early iterations of this include Phoenix Stance leaving a fiery trail like Shyvana’s W, or Tiger Stance hitting multiple enemies at once.


Udyr reworked skins

As with every VGU, all of Udyr’s skins will be reworked ⁠— including his 3250 RP ultimate Spirit Guard cosmetic. You can find a full list of his cosmetics below.

  • Black Belt Udyr (520 RP)
  • Definitely Not Udyr (975 RP)
  • Dragon Oracle Udyr (1350 RP)
  • Spirit Guard Udyr (3250 RP)

Udyr rework release date

The Udyr rework is set to release sometime in League of Legends Season 12. No date has been locked in yet, but we will let you know once early 2022 rolls around a more specific time frame.