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TFT Set 5.5 details: New champions & traits, Radiant Items, more

Published: 7/Jul/2021 8:59 Updated: 7/Jul/2021 10:02

by Andrew Amos


The TFT Set 5.5 update, named Dawn of Heroes, is finally here. 12 new champions, including the new Sentinel of Light Akshan, are joining the roster, as well as a new mechanic replacing Shadow Items called Radiant Items.

TFT Set 5 has been an interesting addition to the Riot Games autobattler, adding more “player agency” with Shadow Items and new traits focusing on building compositions around those big boosts.

However, it will all change in TFT Set 5.5. Riot are adding a new Radiant Items mechanic in Dawn of Heroes to replace its shadowy counterpart, as well as a roster of new champions and traits to flush out the old ones.


Riot Games
TFT Set 5.5 ties in with the Rise of the Sentinels event in League of Legends.

When does TFT Set 5.5 release?

The Reckoning Mid-Set update is set to launch on TFT patch 11.15, scheduled for July 21. The changes go into testing on the PBE from July 7.

Akshan joins TFT Set 5.5 champion roster alongside 11 others

The new Sentinel of Light Akshan is joining the Teamfight Tactics roster in Dawn of Heroes, with 11 others set to come alongside him.

He joins as a five-cost Sentinel Ranger, utilizing his grapple to dance around the battlefield, gunning down enemies in style. The former trait of his is a new one in TFT Set 5.5 too, providing a super boost to one ally akin to Noble in previous sets.

13 champions and a handful of traits have been removed to accommodate the new picks, which include Gwen, Fiddlesticks, Lucian, Senna, and Rakan. You can find the full list of new champions, and what they do, here.


Want some inside tips too? We asked the devs about their favorite comps too, and you can find their answers here.

TFT Set 5.5 Akshan
Riot Games
Akshan is one of the members of the Sentinels of Light.

New Radiant Items & Divine Blessing mechanics

Chaos and Shadow Items are out, with Order and their more pure Radiant Items taking over TFT Set 5.5. There are no downsides to the new supercharged items, however, you can only get one of them a game. We’ve got a full explainer on the mechanic right here.

Divine Blessings have also been added. Much like Lucky Lanterns in Set 4.5, Divine Blessings will drop you a care package just when you need it. As soon as you drop below 40 health, you’ll get the blessing full of item components and gold.


Everyone will get the same value blessing ⁠— but not the same components or champions. For those players in freefall, the bit of stability may help you salvage your game.

Divine Blessing TFT Set 5.5
Riot Games
Divine Blessings will drop once you hit 40 HP.

TFT Dawn of Heroes battle pass

As per usual too, a new battle pass will be available to grind after the Mid-Set. Players can expect to earn the usual goodies ⁠— from Booms to Little Legends, new Arenas to Emotes ⁠— by playing TFT and completing missions across the set.

New Labs game mode coming after the Mid-Set

Riot is also working on developing a new Labs game mode after the wild success of Hyper Roll on Reckoning’s launch. With over 100 million games played since the start of Set 5, the developer’s described it as “a great first step” to adding more different game modes to TFT.


GreenTeej didn’t reveal any details about the new game mode or when exactly it’ll come, but players can probably expect it to arrive before Set 6 rolls around in October.