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TFT patch 11.2b notes: Rakan and ‘Elder Sol’ nerfs, Yone buffs, more

Published: 27/Jan/2021 2:37 Updated: 27/Jan/2021 2:39

by Andrew Amos


The first balance update of Teamfight Tactics: Festival of Beasts is out. Riot’s January 26 hotfix looks to balance the overpowered Elderwood-Aurelion Sol team comp by hitting Rakan and the namesake carry, as well as a few other overtuned units.

While TFT Set 4.5 has been a hit with players so far, there’s been one problem. One composition has completely dominated the meta, comparable to “Warweek” earlier in Set 4 ⁠— Elderwood-Aurelion Sol.

The 6 Elderwood 5 Mage composition, and its variants with Dragon Soul and other traits, has become the must-play board. If you want to Top 4, forcing it every game without fail is set to net you wins.

However, after the TFT 11.2 B-patch, things might be changing.

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol in TFT
Riot Games
Aurelion Sol has dominated the TFT Set 4.5 meta. However, he’s getting substantial nerfs in this hotfix.

TFT ‘Elder Sol’ nerfs hit Rakan, Xayah, and Aurelion Sol

TFT lead developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer promised the changes in a Reddit post replying to players’ concerns, and now they’re here. Three core components of the Elder Sol composition ⁠— Rakan, Xayah, and Aurelion Sol ⁠— have all been nerfed in the hotfix.

Rakan’s mana has been increased to stop his endless casting, while his shield has been nerfed significantly to make him feel more like a 2-cost. A bug, allowing him to generate more mana than intended, has also been quashed.

Xayah’s mana lock has been increased to stop her from casting too much. Then, the main pundit, Aurelion Sol, has had his damage decreased at 1-star and 2-star. The three changes in tandem should at least make the comp a bit easier to beat, even if it remains the best.

Diana, Zed nerfs, Yone buffs round out TFT B-patch

Elder Sol isn’t the only thing on Riot’s mind right now. Diana and Zed have been a little bit too strong in their reincarnated forms for TFT Festival of Beasts, while Yone needs a little bit of love.

Diana is losing one orb of damage at 3-star to curb reroll carry comps with 4 Spirit and Assassins. Zed is also losing some of his AD shred to make him a little bit easier to deal with, regardless of comp.

Yone is also getting a big buff. The 5-cost Exile-Adept has been struggling since getting nerfed into the ground in the Mid-Set update, but with a revert buff adding 20% armor and magic resist shred on his Seal Fate ability, he might be able to break through the Vanguard-Mystic comps that have risen up.

Yone in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Yone is the only champion getting buffed in TFT patch 11.2b.

You can find the full TFT patch 11.2b notes below.

TFT patch 11.2b notes


1 cost


  • Pale Cascade Orbs: 4/5/7 ⇒ 4/5/6

2 cost


  • Fixed a bug where Rakan could start to gain Mana while his shield was still active near the end of its duration.
  • Mana: 40/80 ⇒ 60/120
  • Disarming Diversion Shield: 300/550/950 ⇒ 200/400/800


  • Contempt for the Weak Attack Damage Steal: 20/30/40% ⇒ 20/25/30%

4 cost

Aurelion Sol

  • Voice of Lightning Damage: 350/550/1750 ⇒ 325/500/1750


  • Mana Lock after spell cast duration: 1 second ⇒ 1.5 seconds

5 cost


  • Seal Fate Armor/Magic Resist Shred: 40/40/40% ⇒ 60/60/80%

Tooltip Fix

  • Katarina’s Tooltip has been bugged for a few patches, oops. The correct damage numbers for her spell, Death Lotus will now be accurate on the tooltip: 600/900/1650