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TFT Patch 10.17 notes: more Riven buffs, Shaco & Jarvan IV nerfs, more

Published: 19/Aug/2020 1:00 Updated: 19/Aug/2020 1:31

by Andrew Amos


TFT Patch 10.17 is out now! With the end of Set 3 coming in just a matter of weeks, and the meta in a healthy spot, Riot isn’t messing with things too much. However, there’ll still be some small tweaks to Gangplank, Master Yi, and more.

It goes without saying that Riot are confident in how TFT Galaxies Set 3 is currently balanced. Over the last few patches, there’s been hardly any meta-defining changes. Patch 10.17 is a continuation of that mantra.

The worries of players about a potential shift towards a hyper-roll meta after Patch 10.16 have been quietly answered. Now as Riot approach the home straight of Set 3, there’s not much to fret over.


However, there’s still some fine-tuning that could be done. Gangplank, Master Yi, and Neeko are all getting a look in for some nerfs, as well as Cassiopeia and Xerath. Dark Star is also getting hit with a couple of nerfs.

Small nerfs for Master Yi, Gangplank, more

If you were hoping for a major meta shake-up by seeing Dark Stars or Mechs nerfed into the ground, you’ll probably be bitterly disappointed by these changes. Five champions are getting hit with nerfs: Neeko, Master Yi, Shaco, Jarvan IV, and Gangplank.

Neeko, Master Yi, and Gangplank will have their ability damage lowered. Neeko’s damage at three-star is being scaled back after the Patch 10.16 buffs, Yi is losing some true damage at two-star, while Gangplank is getting nerfed at one and two-star.


Shaco and Jarvan IV are losing some resistances to hopefully make Dark Star units a bit easier to kill. Sniper as a trait is also getting nerfed ⁠— but it’s very negligible. The trait is losing 1% damage per hex (down to 9%) at two units, and 2% (down to 16%) at four units.

Battlecast Cassiopeia in TFT
Riot Games
Cassiopeia is getting a little buff on TFT Patch 10.17.

Cassiopeia, Riven buffed in TFT Patch 10.17

Last patch brought on literally dozens of buffs for champions, and traits. This patch there’s notably less so ⁠— just five. Cassiopeia, Riven, Poppy, Blitzcrank, and Xerath are on Riot’s hit list for Patch 10.18 for a boost.

Cassiopeia and Xerath are getting their ability damage amped ⁠— Cassiopeia at three-star, and Xerath at both one and two-star. It should only really be a small difference for Battlecast and Dark Star players, and nothing to really get worried about.


Poppy, Blitzcrank, and Riven are getting boosts to their survivability with extra health and resistances.

You can find the full TFT Patch 10.17 notes below.

TFT Patch 10.17 notes


Tier 1

Jarvan IV

  • Armor lowered from 45 to 40


  • Magic resist increased from 30 to 35

Tier 2


  • Armor increased from 45 to 60

Tier 3


  • Ability damage lowered from 150/250/500 to 150/250/450

Master Yi

  • Ability true damage lowered from 75/100/150 to 70/95/150


  • Ability damage increased from 700/1500/3000 to 700/1500/3500


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  • Armor lowered from 25 to 20.

Tier 4


  • Health increased from 800 to 850
  • Magic resist increased from 20 to 30

Tier 5


  • Ability damage lowered from 550/700/9001 to 525/675/9001


  • Ability damage increased from 300/400/2500 to 320/440/2500



  • 2 unit damage per hex lowered from 10% to 9%
  • 4 unit damage per hex lowered from 18% to 16%


Hand of Justice

  • Damage or healing lowered from 50% to 45%

Titan’s Resolve

  • Maximum stacks lowered from 50 to 25 (amount of damage and resistances per stack unchanged)