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Teamfight Tactics bug makes Yasuo attack his own team

Published: 5/Aug/2019 12:12 Updated: 5/Aug/2019 12:25

by Joe O'Brien


A bug in Teamfight Tactics appears to be causing Yasuo to attack his own team with his Steel Tempest ability.

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Yasuo is one of the most powerful units in Teamfight Tactics, not only one of just six Tier 5 champions but also capable of slotting into almost any composition due to his Exile origin, which grants him a huge shield as long as he’s not adjacent to any allies at the start of combat.

This in combination with his powerful Steel Tempest ability, which sends out a whirlwind that knocks up enemies, makes Yasuo one of the strongest individual units in the game. While broadcasting a recent match, however, popular Teamfight Tactics streamer DisguisedToast found his own Yasuo turning against him.


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While the Yasuo attacked the enemy as appropriate, unlike other bugs which have occasionally caused units to act entirely as enemies, when he fired off his Steel Tempest it flew through DisguisedToast’s team and knocked them up as well as the enemy.

The enemy did have a Yasuo on the field at the same time, but when the ability was unleashed it could only come from DisguisedToast’s own champion, with his opposite number in the middle of respawning from the Guardian Angel at the time.

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With the enemy still having an uncontested two-star Draven completely stacked with items, it looks likely that DisguisedToast would have lost the battle regardless of whether Yasuo’s ability, but the friendly fire may have still resulted in him taking more damage due to extra enemy units surviving that might otherwise have fallen.

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Riot GamesTeamfight Tactics is Riot Games’ League of Legends-based take on the popular autobattler genre.

While the bug is at least thematically appropriate for the exile accused of killing his master, Teamfight Tactics players will undoubtedly be hoping that this bug gets fixed quickly, as it could very well swing the tide of a battle should it occur.

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Teamfight Tactics is still in its beta phase, so bugs are by no means unheard of. It’s unclear exactly what set of circumstances might cause this particular issue, so players may simply have to hope it doesn’t happen to them until Riot implement a fix.