Spanish LoL streamer debuts Katarina cosplay inspired by Cloud9’s Sneaky - Dexerto

Spanish LoL streamer debuts Katarina cosplay inspired by Cloud9’s Sneaky

Published: 31/Mar/2019 21:11 Updated: 31/Mar/2019 21:13

by Virginia Glaze


Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi is known for more than his professional League of Legends career; he has also made waves for impressive cosplays, which inspired one Spanish streamer to create his own costumes.

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Popular League of Legends streamer Dani ‘ElOjoNinja’ Vaquero debuted his very own cosplay during a Twitch broadcast on March 30, where he revealed his take on the ‘Slay Belle’ costume for LoL’s Mage/Assassin champion, Katarina.

He likewise shared photos of the cosplay to Twitter a day later, where he admitted that Sneaky had inspired him to create the costume.

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Vaquero’s cosplay garnered a slew of praise across Reddit and Twitter, with many commenters pleasantly surprised by the streamer’s stunning transformation into the character.


ElOjoNinja’s cosplay hearkens back to Sneaky’s own take on Katarina’s Slay Belle costume, which is available for viewing on his Patreon account.

Sneaky, PatreonSneaky is well-known for his impressive slew of cosplays, alongside his career as a professional League of Legends player for Cloud9.[ad name=”article3″]

While Sneaky has yet to respond to ElOjoNinja’s cosplay, the pro recently revealed a stunning take on popular anime ‘Darling in the FRANXX’s’ Zero Two, which incited a slew of reactions from top personalities across the gaming space.

Cloud9 themselves jumped into the mix with a hilarious compliment to their player’s cosplay skills, with even the likes of popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys weighing in with ample praise for Sneaky.

Sneaky has created a slew of cosplays for characters across multiple video games and anime series, with some of his best work being recreations of LoL’s character roster.


Alongside Star Guardian Soraka and ‘Pool Party’ Ahri, Sneaky even joined a group to pull off an impressive photo set for the game’s K-Pop group K/DA, alongside his partner, Lynn.

Sneaky, PatreonSneaky has created a variety of costumes across multiple video games and anime series, including an impressive rendition of LoL’s K-Pop group, K/DA.

Sneaky picked up cosplaying as a hobby, and created a Patreon to produce more outfits after seeing the positive reactions to his costumes, which he sometimes wears during live streams.

While ElOjoNinja claimed Sneaky as inspiration for his costume, there’s no telling what the streamer will pull off next, should he decide to continue his foray into the field as Sneaky has famously done.