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Riot guts top TFT comp Cav Reroll in July 26 update: 11.15b patch notes

Published: 27/Jul/2021 4:14 Updated: 27/Jul/2021 4:54

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


TFT patch 11.15 marked the launch of Set 5.5, but Riot Games is looking to fine-tune the meta in patch 11.15b by nerfing over-performers like Hecarim and Sejuani, who have been thriving in the Cavalier Reroll comp.

TFT patch 11.15 shook things up by removing Shadow Items, adding Radiant Items in their place, and adding a host of new champions and traits. But although the meta is expected to be tweaked and changed in patch 11.16, Riot felt the need to tone some things down a notch in patch 11.15b.

More specifically, they’ve decided to nerf the Cavalier Reroll comp by targeting Hecarim and Sejuani, who typically serve as the primary and secondary tanks. But that’s not all. Irelia, Lucian, and Miss Fortune have been slightly nerfed too, while Soraka got a small buff.


Let’s take a look at all the details in more depth.

TFT patch 11.15
Riot Games
TFT patch 11.15b is set to fix some issues.

Hecarim and Sejuani nerfed to balance Cavalier Reroll

The Cavalier Reroll comp has been obnoxiously strong for a while now. With Hecarim and Sejuani at the helm, it was only a matter of time before they got their wings clipped.

Hecarim’s Spell Healing has been reduced from 350 to 200/225/250, making him less effective overall. Meanwhile, Sejuani’s mana cost for subsequent casts has been increased.

Riot expects these nerfs will help make the Cavalier Reroll less overpowered. But although they look promising on paper, we’ll have to see how that translates.

TFT patch 11.15b Sejuani
Riot Games
Sejuani and Hecarim have been nerfed to help balance the Cavalier Reroll comp.

Irelia, Lucian, Miss Fortune nerfed

TFT patch 11.15b is not all about the Cavalier Reroll, though. Some other champions have been nerfed, too. For example, Irelia’s attack damage and spell damage reduction cap have been reduced from 70 to 65 and 90% to 80%.


Lucian has also been a tad too strong. So, to compensate, his attack damage has been lowered from 75 to 70. Similarly, Miss Fortune’s spell damage has been decreased from 250/400/750 to 250/375/700.

Again, these are slight nerfs, but they will help make a difference.

Riot Games
Irelia’s attack damage and spell damage reduction cap have been nerfed.

Here’s a list of all the changes confirmed to be coming in TFT patch 11.15b, courtesy of Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer.

TFT patch 11.15b notes


2 Cost


  • Spell Healing: 350 ⇒ 200/225/250


  • AD: 70 ⇒ 65
  • Spell Damage Reduction Cap: 90% ⇒ 80%


  • Mana 0/60 ⇒ 20/80


  • Mana 30/70 ⇒ 40/80

3 Cost

Miss Fortune

  • Spell Damage: 250/400/750 ⇒ 250/375/700

4 Cost


  • AD: 75 ⇒ 70


Archangel’s Staff

  • Mana Ratio: 45% ⇒ 40%