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League of Legends

Reckful amazes viewers with “genius” TeamFight Tactics analysis

Published: 27/Jul/2019 17:00 Updated: 30/Jul/2019 10:43

by Daniel Cleary


League of Legends new mode, Teamfight Tactics.

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Teamfight Tactics has taken Twitch by storm since its release, cementing itself as one of the most viewed games on the livestreaming platform, even edging out League of Legends for the #2 spot as of July 27.

The online strategy game has become a fan favorite and many popular streamers have taken to the game in an attempt to quickly climb the ranks.

Reckful TwitchReckful has quickly mastered the popular strategy game, Teamfight Tactics.
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Twitch streamer Reckful, who was known for his World of Warcraft professional career, has already made his way to Master in the new game mode and hilariously decided to impart some of his “genius” wisdom to his viewers.


Teamfight Tactics requires players to gather gold and experience in order to build a well synergized team of champions capable of defeating their opponents compositions.

In a bid to help his viewers, Reckful highlighted his reasoning for saving up more gold than usual by sharing some of his incredible knowledge of the new game at the perfect time.

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“I feel like the more gold you have… the more gold you have.” He expressed, timing his “genius” logic ahead of the beat drop, “Can’t deny that.”

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Reckful sat there proudly nodding at his camera after realizing how much value he had just shared with his fans, despite some of the comments mocking him by saying he was ‘saving up gold for Teamfight Tactics 2.’


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Some of his viewers were also impressed with the hilarious timing of his knowledge bomb with the music as well as his level of “Grandmaster strats” for the new game.