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Perkz’s shaky start at LCS Lock In | Mid-event review with Amazing

Published: 22/Jan/2021 11:58

by Ava Thompson-Powell


The LCS Lock In is already providing fans with lots to talk about in regards to some of the most iconic team’s performances. With the event already halfway through, we sit down with Misfits Gaming coach Maurice ‘Amazing’ St├╝ckenschneider to discuss all of the hot topics.

The 2021 competitive year is already off to a shaky start for legend Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovi─ç, seeing Cloud9 flatlined by Evil Geniuses. All might not be lost, though, as Amazing believes that Perkz has plenty of time to get back on form.

Also discussing FlyQuest’s roster, Amazing suggests that more firepower may need to be introduced to their line-up for us to see true success within the team. On the flip side, though, Evil Geniuses have been in inspired form at the event, with Amazing putting a lot of their success down to coach Peter Dun.

When thinking about the roster itself, he believes that even with Josedeodo coming in to play, there’s still an ultimate struggle there with a lack of firepower. Of course, Licorice can be seen to be a bright spot within the team and the top-lane, but has, to Amazing, deteriorated over the years from his 2018 peak.

In contrast, though, Evil Geniuses are the only team within the event that hasn’t lost a game as of yet. Dun brings in a lot of experience with knowing how to perform best and how to get to Worlds, and it looks like that skill is paying off.

When it comes down to Perkz’s loss, though, Amazing is not surprised, believing that they hit a brick wall in Evil Geniuses, but they did still come out with a 2-game win, demolishing FlyQuest.

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