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Pentakill make hyped League of Legends return with Lost Chapter album, skins

Published: 2/Sep/2021 2:31 Updated: 2/Sep/2021 2:32

by Andrew Amos


The “conquerors of a land of myth and metal” are back. League of Legends original in-game band, metal group Pentakill, are making their big return in Season 11 ⁠— with a new member joining the ensemble. Here’s what you need to know.

While K/DA usually draws all the hype when it comes to League of Legends’ musical talents, Pentakill is the first and original. The metal band, whose first album Smite and Ignite dropped in 2014, is back with vengeance in 2021 with their third release Lost Chapter.

Not only that, but the six-member band (with Kayle joining the ranks in 2017) has expanded to seven, with the Ruined King himself Viego shredding on the guitar.


Viego joins League’s metal band Pentakill

As we just mentioned, Viego is now a part of Pentakill ⁠— making them more a heptakill, given there’s now seven members. The Ruined King is known as the Dissonance of Pentakill in the band’s ranks, shredding his blade like a guitar.

It comes after the teasers leading up to Lost Chapter’s reveal hinted at Viego becoming a part of the metal band.

However, what part he’ll play in their upcoming album remains to be seen, but some grungy song about his wife Isolde is almost certainly on the tracklist.

Pentakill Viego LoL
Riot Games
Viego is Pentakill’s seventh member, so aren’t they now Heptakill?

LoL Pentakill III ‘Lost Chapter’ skins revealed

Pentakill is also getting a fresh lick of paint in-game. The League of Legends skins are rather outdated from their 2014 selves, outside of Kayle’s 2017 refresh. However, in 2021, all members are getting a new in-game skin for Lost Chapter.


Featuring all-new animations, visuals, and even effects, the original five members ⁠— Karthus, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona, and Yorick ⁠— as well as Kayle will be getting new Lost Chapter themed skins.

They’re more human than the ghoulish, undead original skins, featuring pops of gold and maroon on stage. You can take a look at all the skins below.

Pentakill Lost Chapter Karthus

Pentakill Lost Chapter Kayle

Pentakill Lost Chapter Mordekaiser

Pentakill Lost Chapter Olaf

Pentakill Lost Chapter Sona

Pentakill Lost Chapter Yorick

Pentakill Lost Chapter album release date

If you’re wanting to jam out while playing with the new Pentakill skins, you’re in luck. The Lost Chapter album, Pentakill’s third since their 2014 launch, is dropping on September 8.

The tracklist is yet to be made public, but it’s set to be a big hit. You can presave the album on your platform of choice here.


Pentakill Lost Chapter live listening event

To celebrate the release of Pentakill’s third album, Riot and Wave are putting together a live-listening interactive event for anyone to join.

via Wave
Pentakill’s third album will debut with a live listening experience.

On Sept 8 at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST / 9 PM BST, listeners will be able to join a virtual experience where viewers can choose what happens next. There will also be a ‘Wavercam’ for viewers to possibly see themselves ‘on the big screen’ during the event. The show will last for about an hour with a 30-minute pre-show.

To actually participate, you’ll have to watch on Wave.Watch and you’ll need to make an account. But the event will also be Riot’s YouTube and Twitch pages.