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Who is Norra? League players think they’ve found new Season 11 champion

Published: 23/Jun/2021 5:25 Updated: 23/Jun/2021 6:38

by Andrew Amos


Some members of the League of Legends community are convinced they’ve uncovered the new champion, sitting right in front of our eyes. Their name is Norra, and they’re already quite intertwined with Runeterra lore. Here’s why players believe she’s coming in Season 11.

We already know Champion 156, Akshan, is on their way in League of Legends. However, to round out the Ruination storyline around Viego, one more “gloomy mage” is on their way to choose a side in the battle.

That mage, if you ask /r/norramains ⁠— a 180-member community on Reddit ⁠— is Champion 157. The tidbits already out there line up, which has only added fuel to the flames.


Who is Norra in League of Legends?

First of all, we have to outline who Norra is. While not many details are out there, we were introduced to Norra when Yuumi was released in League of Legends.

The mysterious character is supposedly Yuumi’s master, who disappeared from Bandle City by using the Book of Thresholds (the same one Yuumi flies on) to teleport to a dangerous place.

She is described as a “yordle enchantress.”

According to the early lore tidbits and Riot leaks, the character loves to go on explorations “across the material and spirit realms”.

Yordle mage teaser LoL Norra
Riot Games
This is the most recent teaser players got for the unreleased yordle mage.

“Gloomy mage” description sparks Norra rumors

The first hint about Norra’s potential League of Legends development was dropped in January 2021 when lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mirales teased a “gloomy artillery mage who would rather be alone” was set to join the roster.


The accompanying visuals depicted a portal from the forests outside Bandle City to the Shadow Isles, akin to one that the Book of Thresholds could potentially tear open. Since then, the champion’s design has changed from an artillery mage to a more traditional mage.

However, she’s still a Yordle with “a big part to play in Viego’s story”.

Norra leaked concept art League of Legends
Reddit: /u/Zernii
This leaked artwork on the Yordle mage could be Norra.

There is one bit of info that does fly in the face of all the rumors: “She still gets annoyed as hell with hyperactive champions dashing all around her,” Reav3 said in the April champion roadmap.

“It’s enough to make her get serious and start clobbering all lifeforms full of irritating happiness dashing around her like pesky flies.”


Given Yuumi is one of those hyperactive champions dashing around from ally to ally, it does beg the question of whether Norra could be that mage coming as Champion 157. However, some players are totally convinced Yuumi’s master will be coming in Season 11.

Will Norra be part of the Ruination event?

We alluded to it earlier, but the “gloomy mage” will be part of the Sentinels of Light storyline, and the Ruination event, hitting League of Legends in a matter of weeks.

Lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mirales confirmed as much on Reddit, saying the new champion won’t be released by July 8, but she will be a part of the event.


No matter whether it’s Norra or a different champion entirely, the upcoming Yordle mage will play a big part in wrapping up one of League’s biggest storylines.

When could Norra be released in League of Legends?

The earliest estimate for Norra’s release is sometime later in League of Legends Season 11.

Champion 156, the Sentinel of Light marksman named Akshan, hasn’t even dropped yet. It’ll be a couple of months after that until the gloomy yordle mage releases.

Whether it’s Norra or not remains to be seen. If it is, the lore of Runeterra will be blown wide open as the Ruination story line comes to a close.