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New Little Legends revealed for Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16

Published: 2/Aug/2019 19:50 Updated: 2/Aug/2019 22:14

by Eli Becht


Riot Games already revealed the new Champions we can expect in League of Legends spin-off set to debut on August 14 that will introduce four new characters and a trait into the game.

However, Riot revealed that’s not all that will be coming with the update as new Little Legends have now been revealed and they look amazing.

Riot GamesYour Little Legend is fully cosmetic but it’s still important.
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It’s not just one though, it’s three brand new ones that will be sure to catch the eye of those in the market for a new Legend. Riot Games have always been on top of things when it comes to skins and cosmetics so these will be hard to resist.


Players currently start off with the big jelly looking legend but have the option of getting the Runespirit, Silverwing, or Molediver by progressing through the Beta Pass.

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These three new Legends are the Hushtail, Paddlemar, and Protector and they will all be available the same day as this patch.

If nothing comes to mind when you hear those names, Riot Games have you covered with images of all three of them so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect. 

Riot GamesHushtai, Paddlemar, and Protector – in that order.
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There will be several variants of those Little Legends so if you don’t like the exact design you see in the image, there’s nothing to be worried about.


  • Moontipped Hushtail
    • Mistberry Hushtail
    • Fae Hushtail
    • Untamed Hushtail
    • Monarch Hushtail
    • Eternal Hushtail
  • Jade Paddlemar
    • Rosebloom Paddlemar
    • Tidepool Paddlemar
    • Glamorous Paddlemar
    • Caldera Paddlemar
    • Yuletide Padldemar
  • Jeweled Protector
    • Shadowgem Protector
    • Reigning Protector
    • Skygem Protector
    • Fierce Protector
    • Sunborn Protector

They will be available on the PBE first so players will have the chance to get a sense of how they look before fully committing. 

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No pricing information has been revealed for this new cosmetics but don’t expect them to be too cheap.

The current Little Legends available for sale in the shop, the Featherknight and Furyhorn, cost 750 Riot Points and there’s no reason to not suspect the new ones to come in at around that price.