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Riot adding more League of Legends items to balance Season 11 rework

Published: 13/Mar/2021 6:20

by Andrew Amos


While Riot are continuing to balance the League of Legends Season 11 item rework, players might have to get used to some new weaponry in the shop. Multiple new items are on their way to “fill gaps” left after the big overhaul.

The League of Legends item rework is still fresh in players’ minds, with many grappling with the barrage of changes implemented in Season 11. However, Riot are throwing a few more curveballs into the mix.

While the devs are satisfied with how the rework landed as a whole ⁠— barring some exceptions ⁠— there’s a few gaps they are looking at filling to further balance the game.


Preseason 2021 is going to take out some items while introducing new Mythic ones.
Riot Games
The new League of Legends shop in Season 11 has taken some getting used to.

New tank and enchanter items specifically are on their way in the near future. Developer Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon didn’t give a set date but opened up on Riot’s intentions in a March 12 dev blog.

“We’re looking at adding some non-mythic items to fill in some gaps,” he explained.

The two items highlighted by Meddler included an enchanter item that’s good “against dive or anti-carry teams,” and a tank item “aimed at countering split pushers.”

Riot aren’t ignoring the rest of the shop though. Underpowered items like Chemtech Putrifier are in line for buffs to try and elevate their presence.


The devs have no intentions of adding any new Mythic items for now, but will rather continue to adjust the Mythics to try and stop “hardbinding.”

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“Fighters and assassins are purchasing a pretty wide range of options in most cases, and marksmen are in a fairly reasonable spot. Enchanters and mages, by contrast, need some more work on their Mythic items,” he added.

These changes will likely start hitting the PBE after the League patch 11.6 cycle. There’s already some testing against healing items in this current update, so expect even bigger changes as the mid-year approaches.