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League of Legends world champion arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking

Published: 30/Sep/2021 2:11

by Alan Bernal


Taichung District Police arrested League of Legends world champion Curtis ‘Toyz’ Lau on September 29 on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Lau, 29, signed on as a mid laner for Taipei Assassins in 2012, and would become a leading figure in their eventual Season 2 World Championship run.

According to a translated Daily Esports report, authorities found marijuana at Lau’s apartment with evidence showing he had intentions to sell. Police found the drugs in his New Taipei residence after a search warrant was issued the day before.

He was charged for trafficking marijuana and has been taken into custody.

toyz league of legends worlds season 2 arrested
Riot Games
Toyz (second from left) was a part of the Taipei Assassins’ 2012 World Championship team.

Marijuana is classified as a Class 2 illegal drug in Taiwan.


Under the region’s Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, last amended Jan 2020, possessing with the intention to sell a class two narcotic can carry a maximum five-year sentence with a fine of up to five million New Taiwan dollars (around $200,000 USD).

Chief Prosecutor of the Taichung District Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the search of Lau’s apartment, a China Times and Taiwan English News report said. Lau has been drug tested and police requested the Taichung District Court to keep him detained.

After his team’s 2012 championship, Lau would stay in competitive League of Legends for a time, eventually transitioning into content creation.


toyz league of legends worlds season 2 arrested
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Toyz (under trophy) lifting the now-storied Summoners Cup in 2012.

He has about 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, about the same amount of followers on Instagram, and about 422K on Facebook. Toyz has a personalized Orianna skin in League of Legends, commemorating Taipei Assassins’ incredible Worlds 2012 triumph.

The world champion’s arrest follows a series of crackdowns on marijuana trafficking rings throughout the region in the past year.