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League veteran Vizicsacsi to play at Worlds 2021 for PEACE

Published: 22/Sep/2021 12:50

by Ben Mock


Worlds-bound Australian organisation PEACE have announced that former LEC toplaner Tamás ‘Vizicsacsi’ Kiss will be serving as the team’s toplaner for the tournament. 

PEACE were forced to remove toplaner Yao ‘Apii’ Jian-Jing and jungle Thomas ‘LeeSa’ Ma from their Worlds roster due to circumstances related to the global health crisis.

Less than an hour later, they made the announcement that Vizicsacsi would be joining them in Iceland as a stand-in.

Vizicsacsi with MAD Lions
Vizicsacsi most recently served as a positional coach for MAD Lions

Vizicsacsi returns

Vizicsacsi announced in September 2021 that he was looking to make a return as a player. The iconic Hungarian toplaner had retired in 2019 and served as a positional coach for MAD Lions during the 2021 LEC Summer split.


The announcement that he would be joining PEACE came as a pleasant surprise to many in the League community, with LEC host and analyst Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere making reference to Vizicsacsi”s renowned Poppy play.

PEACE come from the LCO, an Oceanic league formed ahead of the 2021 season to replace the OPL. The OPL had been shut down during Worlds 2020 as Riot Games discontinued its esports operations in Oceania.

They made a bold run in the LCO Split 2 playoffs, taking the Worlds spot on offer despite starting as the lowest seed. While they will begin their Worlds journey in the Play-In stage, they now boast some Worlds experience: Vizicsacsi was part of the Splyce team that finished 5th-8th at Worlds 2019.


PEACE’s Worlds roster:  

  • Tamás ‘Vizicsacsi’ Kiss – Toplaner
  • Leo ‘Babip’ Romer – Jungler
  • James ‘Tally’ Shute – Midlaner
  • Vincent ‘Violet’ Wong – Botlaner
  • Ryan ‘Aladoric’ Gregory Richardson – Support

Dexerto has reached out to Vizicsacsi for comment.