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League devs are secretly testing Cloud Drake buffs ahead of huge Dragon update

Published: 20/Oct/2021 19:27 Updated: 21/Oct/2021 0:20

by Lawrence Scotti


League of Legends has secretly changed the buff Cloud Dragon gives players in Season 12 PBE, along with a few other alterations that went under the radar.

Season 12 is right around the corner for League, and the hype for a new season has started to mount.

On October 20, fans got their first look at new items that are coming to Summoner’s Rift, as well as changes to existing ones.

While players have gone over the tweaks, there have been a handful of alterations on the Public Beta Environment (or PBE) that slipped Riot’s official announcement.

Blackfrost Sion in League of Legends LoL patch 11.8 notes.
Riot Games
Many items are getting mini-reworks heading into Season 12, including tank items.

League Season 12 PBE changes

One major change that wasn’t on League’s official Season 12 change list was the alterations to the Cloud Dragon buff.


Reddit user u/HS_Cogito_Ergo_Sum spotted the changes, which now grants players +3.5% Out of Combat Move Speed and +3.5% Slow Resistance. The Cloud Dragon soul remains unchanged, and still gives 10% movement speed and increased movement after using an ultimate ability.

There are a few undocumented changes in the Preseason 2022 PBE (Cloud Drake rework & Everfrost Rework) from leagueoflegends

The changes are a nice buff to what many players consider the worst Dragon in League. In Season 12, Riot is introducing two new ones, including Hextech and Chemtech. They both have strong new buffs, so this may give us a reason as to why Cloud Dragon is getting some changes, as its previous buffs were underwhelming.

Another change that flew under the radar was to the mage-item Everfrost, which had its cost reduced from 3200 gold to 2800 gold. The item also now builds out of a different recipe of items, including Lost Chapter, a Ruby Crystal, and an Amplifying Tome.


In return for the price reductions, Everfrost lost 10 AP (80 AP to 70 AP) and had its mythic passive reduced from 10 AP to 5 AP.

Riot Games
Everfrost got some secret changes on League Season 12 PBE.

Everfrost will be competing with some new mage-items Riot has lowered its cost to make it more enticing.

With all these new changes, Season 12 is building up to be one of the most exciting yet.